Sunday, May 1, 2016
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Lightening Up

I sold some of my FWM position, locking in a 10% gain. I am contemplating buying HOV or adding to AMBA–but my urinal shadows are telling me “kid, you’ve had a good run, now go home and eat a hero.”

A great man once said “The Dude abides.”

“The Fly” will heed this advice and ‘chillax’, as some of you younger types like to say–long, conservatively, leveraged at just 118%.

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  1. SHOMP?

  2. Paying this market like a fiddle, well done blog father.

  3. Can someone please tell me what a hero is?

  4. Wasn’t the great man a dope smoking, unemployed, slacking jerk off (not that there is anything wrong with that)?

  5. But a greater man said in the same movie: “Donnie, shut the fuck up….you are out of your element.”

  6. THe Fly is turning into a conservative old man at only 118% long

    • Can’t wait to see the 154 Pup play the game once he tips 47.5 and finds he’s only smarter and more experienced and no where near dead or in a wheeled chair.

  7. just with a little YELP from my friendos


    I sense a lot of anger and frustration in many of you posters. Chill out.

    Find your chi. Embrace your unemployment status like yours truly.

  9. Benjamin Bernanke


    I can understand that….


  10. Mr. FRly, the advertisements for your hedge funds are delightful. The Fly Fund needs no commercial but the one about the Fly Bank Coin fund which wins while being well dressed and maintqining decorum is the best.

  11. Shut the f*ck up, hippie.

    • This comment was directed at the impalement guy and his advice.


        Relax man.

        Seriously. No need to spew hatred on this blog. It’s all about tranquility bro.

        I think they should ban you.

  12. I’ve had an insane couple of weeks at work so haven’t checked out the blog. Come back to find the Devil’s gone missing. Did he return to the underworld?

  13. Mad Willie Thompson

    PATK bitches.

  14. The Devil comes and goes, from whence to where nobody knows.