Saturday, December 3, 2016
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Value or Traps?

I am looking for companies with pristine balance sheets, who are profitable, sport low PEG ratios, and possess market caps more than $5 billion–whose stock is down more than 10% year to date.

Out of thousands of stocks screened, just 10 fit the criteria.











It’s tempting to allocate funds to this exact portfolio.

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  1. The Pirate

    It’s impossible for me to focus on the markets in all this horror when I feel I should just be praying for the victims. The author of this site says he’s an athiest, nevertheless he makes a compelling point:

    • The Fly

      Look, I am an atheist too. But I do not like taking a broad brush to the islamic religion. I know plenty of good muslims, who don’t give a shit about the Koran, just like most Catholics I know.

      The core issue here is ignorance, fueled by corrupt governments.

      • Yabollox

        Highly intelligent but disaffected young people with some sort of cause they feel must be forced on everyone.

    • Frog

      Some Christians bomb abortion clinics. Others are in jail for various violent acts. That doesn’t mean that the average member of a Christian religion does these things.

      The people of the U.S. are hooked into a lot of propaganda too & falling for it hook, line, and sinker. Our propaganda is different from the propaganda done by corrupt Middle Eastern factions & governments. But propaganda works, especially if people are surrounded by it.

      A lot of propaganda is scapegoating. In some forms of Middle Eastern propaganda, every problem that the government creates is said to be the Americans’ fault. In the U.S. every problem is the fault of the political party that U R not a member of, LOL. But at least the propaganda here in the not encouraging us to suicide bomb the members of the opposite political party– so far.

  2. Freddy Fishsticks
    Freddy Fishsticks

    Garmin is a buggy whip business in my opinion.

    Nothing shiny about their technology anymore, totally commoditized by the GOOG, et al.

  3. Bullish

    Poof – just like that the bullshit correction has ended. Time to come out from your bunkers.

    New highs coming to a theater near you.

  4. razorsedge

    There is no amount of health care that can fix a sick society.

  5. noodleboy

    awesome list thanks Fly

  6. UnderValuedAssets

    FNV – buy, buy, buy!!

  7. ottnott

    Nice list to set up with an alert for any increases in earnings estimates.

  8. Fidel Cash Grow

    Even if you like AAPL here, why buy before earnings on Tuesday? Feels like a gamble otherwise, no?

    • Freddy Fishsticks
      Freddy Fishsticks

      what if they announce an aggressive dividend and/or buyback on Tuesday and the stock jumps $60?

      They have to do something with the cash, I think they’ll announce something, and the likelihood increases that they will if their earnings are soft. Seems like a 5% downside 10% upside play.

  9. iflyjetzzz

    I’m concerned about the negative effect Boston may have on the economy. I think more people will stay at home, dragging down Q2 numbers.

    • Po Pimp

      Seriously? Have you bitches gone so soft that a couple of pipe bombs keep you locked in your homes? Have you removed the Saran Wrap yet or are you still hunkered down waiting for Chemical Ali to gas you?

      Man up you pussy.

  10. frank

    Hey Fly – what’s your thoughts on IBM.

  11. Rich

    Thanks Fly!

    The china plays may not be where you want to park your money until more insights are revealed in the new regime. I will also stat away from material/energy names in the list in the short term future. They are due for a bounce but for the risk reward to work, I will need more upside potential there. Thanks for your consistent high quality work

  12. WilyMike

    Lord Fly, I shall apply technical tools to the names on this list, and they shall suffer my severest judgement. A most useful list although some are obviously value trap scum. Thank you very much for bringing it to my attention. Kindest regards.

  13. Anton

    Nice screen and very generous of you to share it.

  14. The Eye-Talian Stallion
    The Eye-Talian Stallion

    VMW is falling on it’s over hyped upgrade to V5 because companies are finding out it is no better than V4.
    MSFT gives their Hyper-V away for free.
    Armed with these facts, you be the judge.

  15. DaveyNC

    At some point VMW will turn the Nicira acquisition into growth. Definitely going to watch this one.

  16. AP

    Really like SLT.

  17. WilyMike

    Sir, upon further review, I would be tempted to short them. Technical troubles abound and as a group would be expected to get cheaper, although in time could make fine investments. Good day.

    • Rich

      Agree, too many negative sentiments surrounding these names, but will really think about owning some of them if falls 15% from this level