Thursday, May 5, 2016
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ANNOUNCEMENT: “The Fly” is Making a Big Bet

I added to most of my positions today, except for VHC. I sold some of that. Also, I am planning to buy some Apple July calls ($600’s), in order to up my exposure there. It’s so hated right now, hedge funds are flipping out of it, you almost have to buy it every time money gets allocated.

With today’s buys, I am now at a record 140% long, meaning I am heavily levered to the upside. I am putting my money where my mouth is, foot firmly pressed down on a gas pedal inside of car made from dynamite sticks–headed for the sun.  I intend to maintain a constant and belligerent state of warfare against all sellers, good and bad, until tax day.

If you haven’t banked coin in this tape, you have the brain of a goat and should be put out to pasture in some sleepy Romanian village.

“The Fly” has been to the future, in his space rocket made from space grade materials, and stocks are substantially higher there.

I haven’t forgotten about the Japanese trade and will resume the ways of the samurai shortly. I am very nervous about missing out on a massive melt up in NAV too. It appears the company is doing a few things correctly and the stock action reflects that.

As of 3:23 pm on a calm Friday afternoon, Le Fly is up 1.4%–spearheaded by BX and USG.

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  1. So much for silver seasonality

    Playing at all for snap back?

  2. 140% man .. major cajones

  3. and thanks for NAV – still holding from when you first mentioned it. you are amazing!

  4. The next time I should perchance across MOOBER or Gapping, I must remember to hit them for getting “MOAR” stuck in my vocabulary.

  5. Why does it feel like you are back handedly slapping Senator Jake with these comments, “If you haven’t banked coin in this tape, you have the brain of a goat and should be put out to pasture in some sleepy Romanian village.”??

  6. MONstrousanto is quietly rising ‘swell.


  7. You are Bad Ass!

    One question….
    Did you fire six shots or only five?
    I got to know!

  8. Devil Dog echos in the night.
    Await in the pasture with your preemptive site.

  9. such confidence – even though “The Devil” is now short? Hrmmm…

  10. I didn’t like the price action on ELLI today! We started the day up 13% and it was whittled away to just up 4.17% by the end of the day!
    Great beat and they guided higher!
    The market dropped suddenly at around 2:00 PM, it looks like it was based on the Walmart leaked rumour that February sales are the worst seen in 6 years!

  11. Fly, I generally commend you for your brilliant positions and strategies but you have disappointed me son.

    AAPL is a disguised piece of shit, as a priest is disguised as a pedophile in a dress who throws water on you

    God bless

    One love

  12. 140% long?????

    Yummy, schurp, Yummy!