Tuesday, December 1, 2015
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What I’m Reading This Weekend

The Death of Intra-day Reversals?

Applied Academic Research: Momentum, Momentum, Momentum

Embracing What’s Working Now

Raging Bull: A Trading Strategy that Beats the Bull Market?

Scaling In Confusion


You can find all these posts, and more, over at The Whole Street: Quants.

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  1. Thank you, very nice list. Much food for thought.

    The links led me to the following article http://gestaltu.blogspot.ca/2013/01/predicting-markets-or-marketing.html

    Great graphs.

  2. Carl Icahn’s IEP has really ripped upward this year – I looked at it briefly and could not figure why and it then ripped even higher.

  3. Definitely food for thought reading! Thanks you Woodshedder!