How Cliche: A Snoozefest


Is it just me or is this the most moribund market since Hannibal cornered the grain trade just outside of Rome?

I was down 1% earlier, but have recaptured all of the lost coin and sit with a gain of 0.15%. I suppose one could argue that regaining lost ground is “exciting,” exhilarating even. I beg to differ.

It is my God given right to magnanimous stock market gains. When it happens, I am neither surprised or invigorated. It’s normal fare at Le Casa del Fly.

By the way, I am riding my black steed into two earnings battles, FBHS tonight and WETF tomorrow morning. I only expect the best. Anything less than that would be a mild disappointment.

My goal in this life is to make 5% per month. I am not greedy and have never been known to partake in the act of gluttony. Five percent is my demand and I shall have it each and every month for as long as I roam the earth.

NOTE: By the time this post was finished, my gains more than tripled to 0.5%

6 Responses to “How Cliche: A Snoozefest”

  1. Look at the market volume and action in the last 100 seconds today, holy shinanigens!

  2. Just 3.5% is necessary for 50% growth every year. Compound interest is a beast.

  3. Your daily gains/losses are all $VHC related I presume.

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