Saturday, December 10, 2016
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FLASHBACK: Did Bloomberg’s Sara Eisen Get Caught with ‘Sexual Device’ Between Her Legs?

This is so god damned funny, I had to post it with still shots of Sara’s on air strap on dildo.

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  1. speedius

    New highs, indeed.

  2. Rhino

    This is pretty old, but I am almost positive said device was listed as a “microphone battery pack,” but who knows? The real question is why?

  3. Patrick

    Oh my. I bet Bill Ackman was involved.

  4. jesco_t_cole

    so if said device is what it appears to be. makes you wonder whom she intended to make use of it with at work.

  5. Sir Robert Hooke

    Once you go black….

  6. Cascadian

    Obviously she’s really a black guy in disguise.

  7. TraderCaddy

    WNR just hit a new high.

  8. Juice

    i know sara, thats not her dildo .. although its the right color

  9. jimmy_two_times

    too funny. question is why were these guys taping that specific segment with a handy cam?