Friday, December 9, 2016
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I went on margin for the first time in ages, leveraging up to buy as many blocks of WNC as I could possibly muster. I know their sales are explosive. Let’s see how the street likes them.

I also added to my ELLI position, doubling down on the name –post brutal sell off. It is my only loser, at the present. I am swimming in a sea of green. I emerge (you come, I emerge) from the water looking like a sea monster from the lagoon, strewn with seaweed and Heineken beer bottles. I am making so much money right now, my face is numb and my right hand is slapping people in the face, all on its own.

Back in the old days, I’d slap my trader/servants with hot slices of pizza. Now that I work from home, my wife slaps me with debit card transactions. There is a certain sadness to my existence. Nevertheless, don’t feel sorry for the guy with the machine gun and money to raise a militia.

“The Fly” dominated today’s tape, walking about the office, plotting to kick over the tombstones of his enemies. I made 3.10% for the day, led by NAV, VHC and WNC. I’m +10% for the year. I’m “gorilla arming” my banana into the weekend to come (absolutely no masturbation).

At the time of this post, I was 106% long.

Full Icahn-Ackman truly epic battle

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    Ackman is one creepy fella

  2. The Plumber's Crack
    The Plumber's Crack

    LMFAO at this line,
    “my face is numb and my right hand is slapping people in the face, all on its own.”

  3. flyaway18

    Congrats, I think we’re all doing well. Ever since you mentioned Keith McCullough’s book I’ve been following him and find him pretty interesting.

  4. Mr. Cain Thaler

    “He’s not giving it to charity. That is complete bullshit.” – Icahn, 2013

  5. Mr. President

    You changed le font

  6. metalleg

    Anything over 100% long impresses the ladies.


    “like a crybaby in the schoolyard. I went to a tough school in Queens, you know, and they used to beat up the little Jewish boys. He was like one of the little Jewish boys crying”?


  8. Pffffffttt

    Here we go again. I say you gain another percent or so and then go neg. when we correct, same as last fall. Sometimes they do ring a bell, Ding Ding.

  9. dk

    Didn’t you forsake such aggressive plays in your year-end note? That said, I’m rooting for your gamble. Makes for more interesting reading.

    • The Fly

      Your interests and my interests are polar opposites. Before the year is over, I would have made millions and you banned.

      • dk

        Hey, don’t be a hater. I’m rooting for you. Glad you are ditching the conservative approach. Well maybe not abandoning it totally with WETF in your pocket.

        Quote The Fly at end of 2102…”The market will always be unforgiving to those who bet big and bold. You might make some outrageous trades and come out the other end successful; but there will be a consequence to that success: hubris. You will try to repeat past successes and become frustrated when things go against you. You will believe yourself to be infallible, and when things go awry, you will bet bigger and lose. The gains will be bigger and so will the losses. Hence, you will live the life of an investor crackhead, dependent on a rush to fulfill your degenerate desires.

        Walk away from that path in favor of a methodical one. Take my word for it.”

  10. tuck9899

    rhino has got to go

  11. TraderCaddy

    I do believe the fonts were changed to keep those over 47.5 years old and with cataracts away and in the manholes.

  12. charlie

    Didn’t you buy on margin just last year?

  13. Mr. Partridge

    I never trade on margin, one of my rules… but I am a pussy 🙂
    Did you see PM miners got trashed for the past 3 days? what a blood bath..

  14. omfgitsjd


  15. Raise Taxes, Raise Spending
    Raise Taxes, Raise Spending

    Man, those guys play hardball. Icahn comes across as a huge asshole.
    This might cause Ackman to start selling big chunks of Canadian Pacific to raise cash.

  16. fake amish

    Gotta give the socialists there due. Psychotic rally. Just another couple ten million on the ebt then dow 20k is a lock. As the middle class gets vaporized and the poor meet them in the middle the rich get richer. Fucking global warming. The end is the beginning and the finish is the start. Fuck it buy buy buy.

  17. The Pirate

    Is Icahn an anti-semitic asshole? What’s with the ‘beating up little Jewish kids’ remark? They just let that go by???

    • The Fly

      Icahn is Jewish

      • Mr. Partridge

        Yes all four are Jewish : Icahn, Ackman, Einhorn and Loeb…

        Does it stop any of them from being an asshole, but clearly not anti-semitic.

        • Mr. Partridge

          wanted to say ‘Doesn’t’ 🙂

        • The Pirate

          You sure about Icahn? If he is, why the hell did he make that idiotic comment? What’s his point?

        • Mr. Partridge

          I am sure 100%, people just say things, sometimes not too smart things..
          Ackman and Icahn have a fight which goes back long time when one transaction went sour .. since than they don’t get alone..
          Interesting thing is I am not even sure Icahn is trade HLF at the moment, but since he like to fight he suddenly stepped in between Loeb and Ackman.

  18. Mr. Partridge

    I have been following all 4 for years, but the most money I made following Ackman on CP..

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