Saturday, December 10, 2016
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By Law: We Cannot Go Lower

Keep in mind, we are always subject to the occasional drift and individual names are game to be had and dismembered. But if you put your beastly greed aside and bought only mega-cap stocks, you might find your relationship with time and money to be much more pleasurable. Dare I say, the market will continue to go higher until it cannot go anymore.

There are two things that are assured.

1. Japan will attempt to reflate.

2. The US housing market will continue to recover.

My favorite way to play Japan has been changed from HMC to WETF. My assets will be transferred there accordingly. And, my favorite ways to profit from housing is through wall board, pipes, windows and of course kitchen cabinetry. Look no further than FBHS and USG for your housing fix. On the mortgage side of things, ELLI is my play.

Let’s not forget Goldman Sachs is by far my safest and most reliable pick for 2013, as they are destined to control all and profit from everything good and bad.

The essence of the “The Fly” can be found in these names, alongside VHC. But just know, the profits from VHC will serve to fund these ideas throughout 2013. These steps have already been taken in the future–you just haven’t seen it yet.


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  1. lol

    DDD in the face is always nice.

  2. Mr.Partridge

    it’s a bull market, you know.

  3. djmarcus

    i want my 40 dow points every day

  4. Freddy Fishsticks
    Freddy Fishsticks

    Like I’ve said since 2007:

    “May 2013”

  5. Raise Taxes, Raise Spending
    Raise Taxes, Raise Spending

    Lumber as a commodity might also be worth a look. Look at West Fraser Timber over the last year.

    • noodleboy

      they make good ETFs, especially the Japan one, from which they will profit handsomely. That’s how I understood it.

  6. jimmy_two_times

    what about title insurance?

  7. dk

    never mind about WETF,,, didn’t see your earlier post… I’ve owned WETF since its inception. The company’s management is sharp and very dedicated. Assets are growing quickly.

  8. Braveflaps - travelling through space and time at Mach Nards!!!
    Braveflaps - travelling through space and time at Mach Nards!!!

    Still not used to the sanitized voice.

  9. unclehar

    Oh for fuck sakes! Goldman Sachs!

  10. Cascadian

    No just Japan, the whole world is trying to reflate. If everybody reflates, nobody reflates. Except maybe Gold and other hard assets.

  11. No One

    We top within this week. Maybe tomorrow.

    • Mr. Partridge

      markets have no top… just rest stops…
      some stocks definitely have tops though..
      One of the reasons I prefer ETFs for the most parts

  12. Frog

    LOL. No one says so.

  13. TheLetterP

    Fly diversifies from 90’s underground harlem to chopin.

  14. Bullard


    Agree on housing
    Agree on Japan

    However your missing out on the nat gas reinflation trade. Got in CHK and KWK late December. Still time to join the party.


      Yes Mr. Fly, Come join the strokefest in energy. I nearly nutted this morning after learning about the Algerian hostage situation which inched my WTI an extra few %


  15. Labia Loeb

    Hey, fly, did you see Beyonce lip synch? What horse shit! NO MORE LIES! 4 MORE YEARS/BEERS! #MMS

  16. The Eye-Talian Stallion
    The Eye-Talian Stallion

    Yeah, the market goes up forever. When I hear talk like this I run for the hills.

  17. fake amish

    The japs are getting fucking rolled tonite.

  18. fake amish

    Happy Birthday Baby! Socialism is not ever a bull market starter. It does not matter how you slice the dice. It is what it is.

  19. razorsedge This concurs with your thesis.

  20. prospectus

    Maybe socialism never started a bull market, but you’re thinking only of the numerator. The Fed and the Treasury are chopping away at the denominator with giant Viking axes.

  21. Frog

    Socialism in the U.S.? Oh, you mean all the corporate welfare subsidizing oil companies, the bank bailouts etc. We’ve had lots of bull runs while doing such things in the past 20 years. No reason why it should not continue.