Saturday, December 3, 2016
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Say Hello To Your New Technology Market Leaders

Minimum market caps of $5 billion, most up over past 3 months.



So Facebook is now leading the market higher, as AAPL makes new lows. Do you see how difficult that trade was to pull off? Just 3 months ago, AAPL was riding high and FB was wallowing in misery. The lesson to be learned here is nothing lasts forever and try to avoid following the herds, for they are wrong, more often than not.

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  1. ceazar

    By that logic, today we should sell FB and buy AAPL.

    • vegastrader

      YES! But wait for 480. I see 480 to possibly 430 before it starts a new up-trend.

      • Fidel Cash Grow

        That would be most interesting. If that happens I see it going sideways for a bit as well so maybe leg into the position a little more slowly than you normall would.

    • Zero Dark Kitty

      When I followed the herd; They dropped a turd.
      Decision frozen, stocktwit chatter ~ absurd

      Missed the Facebook trade, looked like a hassle.
      I’m not as wise as Sir Newton with falling AAPL.

      Now I’m headin for the border, they take ya’ guns by executive order.

      I’ll live the life, take no strife,
      Don’t mess with me I take Herbalife

  2. jimmy_two_times

    Those who were last be first and those who first shall be last. Seems to be the mantra of this market buy the shit thats beat up and sell you winners – Crazy.

  3. TraderCaddy

    So you are saying the crap has floated to the top?

  4. JJR3

    May consider adding $CRAY to the list of tech winners. 52 week $6.23 to $17.00

  5. Hammer

    CVLT not to shabby either 38.51 – 72.93


    Still sticking with AAPL is going to $426.

  7. bobbin4apples

    people have been calling for a tech bub 2.0 for a half a year now

  8. Fidel Cash Grow

    Where happened to the Real Muppet? I miss his comments – that dude was hilarious

  9. Fidel Cash Grow

    I sold my $FB today. Sold some $YELP as well. It made sense to lighten up on $FB given the magnitude of the move, but I sold $YELP (for a 7% gain) simply because I obsess over it and it makes me emotional. I still have a little left but for the most part, I’ve parted ways with the stock.

  10. Henny Youngman

    This is blasphemy! iBanKoin AAPL accolites deriding their Master God, Steve Jobs.

  11. Testicules

    Stick to what we know, we eat, sleep, get sick and make life-like replicas.
    Everything else is make believe

  12. fake amish

    No one makes the Hall. Lance is being torn down and torched alive. Gun control is being spun into a mental health debate. Anyone else not like the way this is going? Where is the fire?

  13. Mr. Partridge

    That was a very strange day in the market today – both SPY and VIX were up…. and I don’t like it

  14. bobbin4apples

    there is a major bull market……. or a big move lower or drifting sideways. I demand a poll.




  15. Mr. Partridge

    Chinese trade numbers (just came out) are spectacular … should be a nice bullish date tomorrow in materials….
    Please note nuclear/uranium plays are heating up…among other things

  16. widespread panik
    widespread panik

    I have sold all my AAPL bought in big to MDBX. The future looks bright! Sustained some late 2012 losses in AAPL but not to fear my MDBX trade bailed me out as did my DDD leaps. Warning on DDD I did some accounting detective work and some of those goodwill issues are for real. Got out ten points ago and don’t regret it one bit.