Wednesday, December 7, 2016
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Hand in Your Guns For Solar Panels

Since the monumental win by Obama in November, solar stocks have ripped to the upside. If you take a look above, you will bear witness to staggering one month returns. I dare you to buy into the craze. You know they always last.

Separately, I’m awaiting an announcement regarding executive action against gun holders in America. Like it or not, the constitution isn’t being respected anymore. You cannot do anything about it. Let that sink in.

The government is going to protect you from criminals by stripping you of the tools that serve to defend you against them. The good news, post gun confiscation, is that gun crimes will plummet. Nevertheless, you will be forced to do mortal combat with your local burglar’s– hand to hand. I suggest taking some karate classes and get that creatine flowing into your bloodstream.

The demographics are changing and liberalism is attractive to an increasingly struggling and dependent populous. Feel free to leave if you don’t like it; but be careful of what country you’re moving to–as we might attack it later on.

I’m chilling, lamped up in my office 40% cash–looking for ideas. PPT members can view my immediate buy list for the stocks I am researching. I will be going old school on my next pick, having referenced the past 4 quarter’s conference calls before buying a share. It’s so important to hear the cadence of the CEO’s of these companies during calls to discern if they’re genuine.

HMC and VHC are my biggest positions–everything else is minor.

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  1. donkey arbitrageur
    donkey arbitrageur

    Long steel. Steel is used to make swords.

  2. SteveTheNeighbor

    Along those lines I am happy to report that I will be opening Steve’s Taekwondo. I am scouting locations at the the Princeton Shopping Center on N. Harrison St.
    The good news is they have an annual menorah lighting at Hanukkah time so I can attend.
    Mrs. Steve plans on serving her famous Brisket and Matzoh Ball soup at the classes. I will post further information when available.

  3. Rollo Tomasi

    …And what good purpose does alchohol serve (except make the state a whole lot of revenue)? How many people die from alchohol related incidents each day?…Time to shut down all those Napa Valley wineries and union run breweries!

  4. Rollo Tomasi

    Who knows the number one reason someone gets denied after a background check?…It represents 62%(almost 2/3 of denials)?

  5. tom

    unpaid parking tickets

    • Rollo Tomasi

      Out of 8 million background check denials, 5 million were because they were illegal aliens.

    • TraderCaddy

      Three guesses:
      1. Registered Republican?
      2. Registered member of Al Qaeda?
      3. Failure to return library books on time?

  6. mikeinpanglao

    I can’t see gun crimes plummeting, if anything they will go up. There are plenty of guns out there already. The difference now will be that people will not be able to defend themselves.

  7. flicker

    My best guess is that IF Obama tries to pull executive order on guns…..look the hell out. It will get very ugly in the US and he could start something that he could not stop.

    • Clock

      flicker says: My best guess is that IF Obama tries to pull executive order on guns…..look the hell out. It will get very ugly in the US and he could start something that he could not stop.

      Clock says: Agree

  8. TheHarper

    are we so easily forgetting the Bush administration’s domestic wiretapping without warrants, or perhaps their “legalized” torture?