Friday, December 9, 2016
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BEHOLD: “The Fly’s” Top Pick For 2013

Watch and learn from the technical analysis mastery that Senor Tropicana displays. It will shatter your meaning of existence for the remainder of your pathetic and stupid lives.



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  1. Sooz

    (very good)

  2. fake amish

    Makes sense.

    • fake amish

      The epic fade of everything that the lib elites on the island thought would happen is troubling. Where are the street protests to fuck the rich? Panic calling of every politician to ban all guns now? The people are not buying any of the bullshit. The fiscal cliff is just another scam. The tragedy is heartfelt but then seen as a power play to fuck the individual out of rights. Interesting set up for 2013.

      • Ohthe BOMB

        No need for this horseshit. The Dems won everything on the national level in the last election, and we intend to fuck the bloated rich GOOD in the coming years.

      • longview

        I’m afraid you’ll think I am being provocative, but I am sincerely curious.

        Did you feel the same way about the erosion of individual rights wrt the additional security measures put in place after 9/11?

        • fake amish

          No clue what you mean. Just trying to speculate about where money will be made. 2013 looks to be an interesting year. That is all.


        Americans are too fat and lazy to protest. (Both Democrats and Republicans). We are not Europe. Europeans will riot if the weather changes. We have zero passion to do anything other than “talk” and give speeches.

        There are 3 ingredients to any revolution.

        1.) Man must not be able to keep warm at night.

        2.) Man must not be able to obtain food.

        3.) The NFL must be cancelled.

        Until those 3 things happen.
        There will be no riots and no revolutions.

  3. Obummer gonna win

    I really like the call. I swear, I see more Honda Civics on the road than any other car.

  4. JV

    Watched HMC for many years and gave up – poor price action. Seemed like everytime I looked it was $33 and no one cared. Fair div and great Acura commercials.

  5. JC

    Great choice. The cock and balls formation is interesting.

  6. ronbo

    NOT VHC?????

  7. Mad_Scientist

    Looks like a sell around 39 dollars.

  8. The Eye-Talian Stallion
    The Eye-Talian Stallion

    Looks topped out. The Great Recession of 2013 will take a lot of companies down thanks to the Tea Party.
    I just saw the TV news report where the Tea Party was rioting at a mall here for the new vintage Air Jordans. Cops had to use pepper spray and batons to break them up. Two men got shot for a pair. I don’t know why 0bama puts up with these folks.

  9. En1gma

    Honda is doing it right on the motorcycle side.

    They just released six new “world” bikes. These bikes are putting Big Red back atop the motorcycle world. A world that is much bigger outside the US.

    HMC punched Kawasaki in the dick when they released the CBR205R to compete with the Ninja. So Kawasaki released a Ninja 300 as a response. Then Honda released THREE 500CC versions of the CB line. LOL GG KAWI, YOU GOT PWNED.

    My top pick remains GOOG. My strategy is ABG. A Always, B Buy, G Google.