Sunday, December 4, 2016
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Merry Christmas to the Small People

The Tiny Tim’s of America will be hobbling around this Xmas, without turkeys on their tables–because congress isn’t interested in doing their jobs. For some reason, both parties feel it is beneath them to negotiate, likely the result of mass doses of psychotropics and narcotics. Starting immediately in 2013, EVERYONE in this great fat nation will get to “enjoy” a tax hike, even the most destitute. I told you this would happen. I am telling you now, we are months away from concluding this crisis.

Whether or not the government purposely thrusts this country into crisis is immaterial at the moment. Just know, as sure as you are sitting there in that bullshit chair, crisis is coming. It’s as if our elected officials were working for a foreign entity, whose purpose is to bankrupt and weaken America in order to set it up for a hostile takeover. If that’s the case, “The Fly” tips his hat to congress for a job well done.

Ignore the people, for they know nothing. Keep doing whatever it is you believe to be righteous, even if that means driving the car made from dynamite sticks into the sun. We’re all passengers in this car, driven by the President and his sidekicks of spastic morons.

Over the past 3 weeks, I’ve been cursed with one disaster after the next. I consider 2012 to be one of my worst years ever, even though my gains say otherwise. There have been too many blow-ups and too much volatility associated with my holdings, as is the case with VHC today. For as much as I like VHC, the stock trades stupidly and requires the patience of a Saint to hold it for longer than a week.

St. Fly signing off.

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  1. Cascadian

    Small stuff I bot for Christmas presents online this year is crap. Some earrings from Amazon of red garnet, 5* rating were dull and brown looking. A T-Shirt from Zazzle that I paid $38.60 for, to get a nice one, was a piece of shit I wouldn’t pay $8 for or ever expect anyone to wear. I’m going back to the stores.

    Congress and the Prez can kiss my ass. Cliff jumping looks like a good alternative. 0bama wants to keep spending until we are banko and then blame capitalism for the failure. Yeah, it’s the popular thing to do.

  2. Aaron Ashcraft

    @ Fly: Completely agree with your observations. Maria Bartiromo was completely correct in her interview with the Congressman:
    “Are you incompetent?” Of course the answer should have been: “Yes, we are ALL incompetent!”

    Fucktards, one and all!

  3. Raul3

    They do have time, however to send “quirky” x-mas cards to eachother, faggots:

  4. The Real Muppet

    “Its merely a flesh wound”

    Unless you have puts!

  5. The Plumbers Crack
    The Plumbers Crack

    My favorite sound…that of a toilet flushing.
    May have to get short some VXX tits.

  6. Mortimer and Randolph Duke
    Mortimer and Randolph Duke

    Gentleman Le Fly,

    May we have a word?

    Prey tell, how may we get long slavery?

    We are prepared to make a large investment.

    Thank you.

  7. Santellisux

    Tea Party Republicans can’t negotiate. The only transaction they’ve ever conducted is bartering corn liquor for guns and ammo.

  8. xxxHuggieBearxxx

    I own but two stocks — EXK and MCP. I hold them tight, fists clenched, unwilling to let them go for fear an acquisition may be announced the next day.

    Daily, and without much exception, they disappoint me over and over. Stealing what little money i have left by dribs and drabs. 2012 was indeed the year of the apocalypse.

    Merry Christmas to all. There will be no Santa rally this year, only more coal. Which in and of itself is overpriced and there is a supply glut, to make matters even worse.

    • TraderCaddy

      And a Merry Christmas to you.
      Hang tough,although I would be shocked if EXK was bought.
      It’s just a trade and not a hold imo, like all of the other mining stocks.
      The last time I recall a silver stock being bought was about 20 years ago when the assets of SSC (Sunshine Mining) were bought when it was in Chapter 11 (stock was wothless).
      Most are crap because if they were worthy of long term holds they would be 4X the price they are now (based on price of silver over last 12 years).
      SLW may be an exception.

  9. eagle

    No need to fear the FED IS HERE…………$BCEI>>>>

  10. eagle

    I always liked tiny tim…………..

  11. eagle

    Four people were killed, including the gunman, and three state troopers were injured Friday in a series of shootings over a wide area of central Pennsylvania, authorities said.

    • Zero Dark Kitty

      The sad thing is many Americans have been unable to make charitable donations as they have in the past because of these difficult economic times;

      Americans are very generous when they have something extra; Lets hope we can once again return to that day when making a gift to charity is an easy trade.

    • Zero Dark Kitty

      Oops that ended up in the wrong place, but the point holds

  12. eagle

    Ban the gunmen not the guns..

    • TraderCaddy

      They should have banned airplanes because of 9/11 based upon their theory of gun control.

    • The Eye-Talian Stallion
      The Eye-Talian Stallion

      1% of the blacks in the US cause half of the murders, over 5000 per year. If libs were interested in controlling gun crime they would start here. But sorry, that would be racist.

      • Frog

        So what solution do you propose? Make it legal only for whites to have guns? That would indeed be racist and completely unfair. Most murders by blacks seem to be murders of other blacks, in dangerous neighborhoods. People have a right to protect themselves.

  13. JTU

    I didn’t end up buying anything today!
    Nothing was cheap enough.
    There is no reason for us to trade up on Monday unless the assholes can agree on something by then so maybe there will be better deals on Monday.

  14. Testicules

    The only Deals on Monday will be overstocked fruits and vegetables for the Family dinner….and Cat toys at Petsmart

  15. flyaway18

    I took my TROX profits and bought some VHC and SHLD today, starter positions in both.

  16. razorsedge

    sold vxx…

  17. TraderDR

    VHC almost made it back to those flash crash lows

    Chuck did an amazing job trading it as usual, out before the dump, in at 30/31 and out at 32

  18. noodleboy

    I hope Santa brings lots of presents this year!

  19. gravestonedoji

    Screw the 47%. Choke on your Christmas Obamaphones.

  20. The Eye-Talian Stallion
    The Eye-Talian Stallion

    While the rest of you chumps are looking at your shrinking accounts and worried about the physical cliff your boy 0bama is body surfing and feeding the porposes at his retreat in Hawaii. And you believe he really gives a shit.
    The next iBC headline.

    • gravestonedoji

      Tea Party and Germany. Let’s not leave out the Germans, they are fiscally responsible as a group. Its also the fault of anyone living within their means here in the US – as obviously they are being selfish. Just ask any member of the news media or a politician. They’ll explain it.

      • The Eye-Talian Stallion
        The Eye-Talian Stallion

        Obama is holding a press conference;
        iBC Headline:

    • Frog

      Well, that would be a true headline. The Tea Party won’t even compromise within the Republican party. They have to get 100% of everthing they want or else they vote No. If U think that is a practical attitude for a Congress person, or a way to come up with a budget, then U need to explain why.

  21. frank

    Please(in a soft tone) could you refain from using the word spastic

  22. JTU

    I was down .26% today and after adjustung for currency I was probably closer to breaking even.
    Not exactly a bloodbath!
    I didin`t pick anything up today because I couldn`t find anything cheap enough.
    If the market shoots higher on Monday, I`ll regret it. If the market heads lower I`ll be tempted to nibble.
    I`m up 9.6% for the year, nothing to brag about. Shitty actually!
    Dow is up 7.97% YTD
    S&P is up 13.72%
    Nasdaq is up 15.96 YTD
    In hindsight I could have allocated funds into those 3 indexes equally and I would have been further ahead without all the daily aggravation and headaches!
    I sure makes you wonder.

  23. JTU

    NRA Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre says that schools are the safest place to inflict maximum mayhem with minimum risk!
    This guy is fucked up and should be required to take a mental evaluation test!

    • Phileo99

      Don’t look now, but he’s secretly trying to start the National Tank Association, advocating a tank to guard every school in America !!!