Saturday, December 10, 2016
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Fly Buy: $VHC

I added to my VHC position.

Disclaimer: If you buy VHC because of this post, on the way home tonight, you will be car-jacked. And, you may lose money.

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  1. The Zombie

    The Fly is God

  2. Ohthe BOMB

    Slap a mustache on Wayne LaPierre, and he looks exactly like Adolf Hitler.

  3. xxxHuggieBearxxx

    Has the world gone fucking crazy. I swear the republican party has been taken over by a bunch of fringe lunatics. Can 48% of america be fringe lunatics? When do the reasonable fiscal conservatives get fed up and break off?

    crazy shit, i tell you…

    • The Eye-Talian Stallion
      The Eye-Talian Stallion

      You are correct, why should the White House give in to the Republicans plan that would cut spending by one penny out of every dollar and balance the budget in ten years? It just doesn’t make any sense. Tax and spend is the only way out of this mess.

      • xxxHuggieBearxxx

        Sounds like magic, you are talking about.

        Everyone knows taxes have to go up, spending has to come down, and entitlements have to be reformed.

        Well, everyone who cares to actually understand the situation.

        • DaveyNC

          0-dumbass has refused all spending cuts. Apparently he didn’t get the memo that “everybody knows spending has to come down”.

        • xxxHuggieBearxxx

          are you sure thats really true? i have heard him being criticized for offering spending cuts. So, im not so sure your statement is accurate.

        • Spooky

          1.4 trillion dollars is on the table. don’t they teach math in NC??? Or just confederacy 101 and bible thumping 102?

  4. xxxHuggieBearxxx

    This NRA guy is fucking nuts….arming teachers and putting a cop in every school to defend against fuckers with AK’s just is never going to happen. How bout you not sell the AK in the first place?

    There needs to be a middle party, get rid of the idiots and fringsters on both sides. Time for the two party system to die.

    • The Eye-Talian Stallion
      The Eye-Talian Stallion

      The Jewish schools in my neighborhod all hire armed security guards and have controlled access into the parking lot. This is a bad idea?

    • longview

      If I get this right the same people that say we need uncontrolled access to guns to, among other things, prevent our being preyed upon a Fascist State, are the same ones that want to put armed elements of the State into every public school in the US?

      Well in any case, with the huge spike in gun sales in recent days, I am hoping we can look forward to their promised drop in crime rate and gun violence.

  5. Belly of the Beast
    Belly of the Beast

    In big cities there’s just the front door separating the school from the outside world.

    In NYC, there are NYPD precincts that squeek by on 14 cops per shift, yet they have around 20 schools in their precinct.

    As the day wears on, they lose cops to arrest processing, etc.
    They’ve assigned cops and school guards for more than 20 years now.

    • Belly of the Beast
      Belly of the Beast

      You can imagine our frustration of working with a skeleton crew and hearing a “holding one for shoplifting at some big store that can afford to process their own arrests instead of taking free service from NYC.”

      We’ve shitcanned so many petit larcenies that the city now wants an detailed explanation on EACH ONE, and there are many.

      Thank you, Corporate America !

  6. BRAND

    Another asshat call VHC