Friday, May 6, 2016
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  1. GM up and SG&A as a % of sales down is the best thing you can hear. They expect more of the same going forward. Guns killin it.

  2. Where’s the post?

  3. The Real Muppet thinks this market is going much much higher. Much Much Much higher very very soon. This market, since Nov 16th, cannot even get a decent pullback. There will be no buyable dip lower than Wednesday’s low and the s&p will rocket to new highs in 2013.

    Tomorrow’s Job report will be a catalist and next week’s FOMC meeting will announce new QE. A portion of the fiscal cliff will be resolved shortly. The party is about to begin.

    These are the opinions of The Real Muppet. Thank you!

  4. Jobs Numbers go up? as in NFP?
    Hurricane Sandy

    Did it wipe out Billions of dollars in lost business or not?
    At some point the Bullshit has to stop
    then again….

  5. When do guns reach a saturation point? When does everyone who wants 7 guns already own them?

    • When the south stops making babies.

    • Gun buyers don’t reach a saturation point. They just keep buying. Always gotta have the latest and greatest. Forget SWHC and RGR stocks are too risky. I am aggressively long hi-cap magazines.
      Buy 30+ rd glock mags for $30, sell them after the inevitable hi capacity ban is resurrected… get ya a triple. got me a couple dozen cases in the underground bunker…yeeehawww!

  6. Great call Fly. A truly American company as well.

  7. Bob Costas wants you all thrown in jail.

  8. Read thru Conf Call, saves time vs listening. So Johnny and everyone is getting a gun under the Tree this Christmas..fundies good, lot of cash. But so strange that there was not one question about the tailwind risk of a slower economy? Company bashing against its 50% retrace on 2007/2009 move soon…that is one hard resistance to take out, esp after the holidays are over and no more Black Fridays. I wonder if the Murder Rate is going to go up this Xmas with all the new guns????

  9. Probably.. more dead bad guys less crime, the only drawback more layoffs for Police.

  10. No music from Smif n Wessun??

  11. SWHC-What did we miss in the conference call?

  12. lol a core position of yours? LOL this is too funny. Now ur a bagholder. All ur gay blog posts of shopping at the mall must have chopped of your balls and made you a nutsack holder. Keep holding Loser