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iBC Election Results and Shotgun to the Face Pick

Congrats to the final 6 winners of the iBC tabbed blogger elections. We will be holding FINAL ELECTIONS next wednesday at midnight.

Here are the results:

The winners are

(that’s a fucked up name son)

For all of those who lose, do not lose heart. I am sure whoever ends up being elected will be fired in 3 months, for failing to attain the required minimum traffic share of 3%. At that time, we will hold elections, yet again.

Top pick into the bell: SWHC

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  1. how about throwing in the matrix total number of views of all posts done by each blogger divided by the number of posts done by each blogger …it should tell you who brings in the most traffic and pick top 3 from there…

  2. Nice going on SWHC!

  3. 1. IBC iPhone app is hosed up.


  4. Congratulations to the winners on earning their Golden Tickets.

    I am sure the IBankCoin Chocolate Factory will be a delight.

  5. lol perfect video pick

  6. “DCHSN6 (that’s a fucked up name son)”
    How do you know DCHSN6 is a son and not a daughter or even a transgender or gender binary of sorts (not that there is anything wrong with that- I think).

  7. Will there only be one winner in the next round?

  8. Woohoo,
    my candidate is in top 6

    Mature trader’s top picks into the bell: CP & BIN

  9. Lol…Throw ya gunz FLy. Great call my man.

  10. I wonder if Le Fly ever considered that the bloggers could be stuffing the ballot box.

  11. I just noticed a couple of days ago some of your bloggers are now considered Special Guests. Were they always considered Special Guests? Meanwhile, Chuck is going to need a full-time editor and the rest of the winners, come on now – they are plebes just like the rest of us and it will be interesting to see how much value they add to the site.