Saturday, December 3, 2016
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I am exercising restraint into the bell, wanting to add to SWHC. However, I realize market forces are moving against me, so I will wait. Either way, the 2nd amendment will be threatened in two years, both SWHC and RGR stand to make a great deal of money before then.

I took a breather today, with VHC simmering down, after a fanatical run. I am bullish on gold/silver, bearish on the dollar. I don’t think we’re heading into a Hugh Hendry style ‘deflationary vortex.’ Instead, I believe stocks are just set to decline by 10% from current levels.

I know it pains you to hear that; but it’s the truth, so get used to it.

Finally, iBankCoin will be celebrating its 5th anniversary on Monday. We’ve built a powerful brand since then, being a beacon of truth and transparency, under the ironic cloak of secrecy, like none other. I am honored (no Pearlman) to work side by side with my tabbed bloggers: Chess, RC, Wood, Scott, Caine and even the good Senator from KY–Jakegint. We’ve shuffled the deck quite a bit since 2007–but one thing has remained constant: you, fucktards from the internets. I enjoy banning you and listening to your trivial problems, such as “mammoth style losses” and “unforseen, black swan events”– damaging your purse.

To commemorate our fifth anniversary, I am giving away $2,000 in the form of ‘STOCK CONTEST.’ Once again, this is open, exclusively, to the members of 12631. If you’re a PPT member and have been on the fence, now is the time to join because this Sunday is the last day to throw your hat in the ring. Plus, you fuckers might even learn something for a change.

NOTE: For the uninitiated, before you can become a 12631 member, you must first belong to The PPT.

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  1. Jenkins

    Fly, if you still held MCP at this point — not that I’m so incredibly stupid, but let’s just say I was — what would you do? Look like capitulation today, or do we expect a bunch of people to look at the quote in horror on Monday and to continue to unload?

  2. Mcp-vhc

    Someone really ought to investigate your ass.

    no way can u convince us that your drop of MCP to get into VHC is a pure act of ingenuity.

    Just today MCP got halted twice.

    Now, there

  3. Oldkingcoal

    The turkey gods have left us?

  4. Mr.Partridge

    I am growing fur ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. surplusdroids


    Congrats on 5 years and many thanks. To all.

    These hollowed halls are my daily respite from the general nonsense so prevalent on other blogs.

  6. Mike

    Happy Five Years!! Long EXK, ANR….

  7. TMoe

    Senate Intelligence Committee says Petraeus will not testify at next week’s closed hearing on the events in Benghazi – — –

    I smell a rat. Now what is the real reason for his resignation???

  8. James

    Congratulations on a splendid 5 years. Maybe the market will bottom about now because it is IBC’s 5 year anniversary?

  9. Rick

    Hey Fly,
    I love following your twitter feed.
    I may have said something positive about Obama while I was drunk and you blocked me. Could you unblock me? I will renew my 12631 sub. I promise.

  10. Oldkingcoal

    Thanksgiving or me?

  11. Merlin

    Attention shoppers, buy 5 cartons of ammo and get one “CNBC Rise Above” pin…Aisle 5

  12. Cascadian

    They make lousy jelly in KY. I put some on toast one time; it was awful!

  13. tm

    What happened to Chart Addict? I know he went to lindzon, but appears to be gone. Those were the days. I thought his performance was more transparent, right there for you to see. You should bring him back, if feasible.

    • MX2101

      I liked Chart Addict’s work as well. He’s a young man, and life and priorities can change.

      I cannot speak for the parties involved, but I think Chart Addict’s trading style may not have meshed with iBC and the 12631 trading style. All trading is hard work, of course. In my view Chart Addicts day trading was/is a particularly intensive minute by minute grind.

      I hope he made plenty of money and wish him the best.

  14. Granpa

    Before there was IBC there was Broker A, I bow to him (no homo) and his league of Gentlemen of the highest caliber on these here interwebs and wish them continued success beyond the age of 47.5. I raise my glass to all in support and appreciation.

  15. starbroker

    what are your thoughts on gmxr and
    hdy ?

    • FlyLeech

      GMXR looks to be roaring back. The rumors of its demise may have been premature. There may be an effort to keep it up above a dollar for awhile. Don’t ask Fly though, he doesn’t deal in penny shit.

  16. Frog

    Fly, was that a joke you were making about marijuana & kids? It seems that the states that legalized it would regulate its sale so that minors couldn’t buy it, just like alcohol. Alcohol is more damaging to the body & mind than pot is, although neither of them is good to use a lot of.

    If your state leagalized pot, then if any family member had glaucoma or something for which it is used medically, you wouldn’t have to go through a lot of hassle to get it. Not to mention the fact that if every state legalized pot, sold it in stores & taxed it, then, budget crisis? What budget crisis?

    • The Fly

      Pot is for vagrants. It should be illegal.

      • Lisa

        Legalize it! Just don’t make it a law. Vagrancy should be a crime.

        Is playing with words like playing with fire? I never play. But sometimes I dance with words.

    • Narwahl

      Frog, I like the libertarian in your voice!

    • Michoacana

      Won’t people and kids just grown their own = free, no taxes, bypass regulations, no contribution to gov’t budgets, increased need for child protective services for vagrant parents?

  17. riggedgame

    And where is that Great Prophet Vking?

  18. shinemyshoes

    Fly – Check out the weekly/daily on AGQ, cup and handle on both? Breakout soon?

  19. I Like Ribs!

    TIE ba bye

  20. xxxHuggieBearxxx

    I am MCP – near death, insolvent, and soon to be under investigation by my wife.

    How you can report earnings, beat expectations, have a conference call, and not mention that you are under investigation by the SEC. IS THAT NOT FUCKING MATERIAL INFORMATION???

    And the fact that the investigation started in August and short shares rise to 60% of float — obviously plenty of people knew about the unannounced investigation.

    Sadly, I know what happened here is illegal but I also know it doesn’t matter. Another day, another scam. The market is full of scam companies….thats all anybody really talks about.

    Fuck Molycorp. I like how their stock has dropped 80% or whatever, gets halted today, and not a fucking peep out of them.

    They have finished me. On the realz.

    • BottleRocket

      I’m in the same boat Huggie. Serves me right for playing any longs at all in this market. My only guess is they’ve been advised not to speak at all. MCP is the only major player outside of China. That makes them strategically important and so I don’t see them going bankrupt. They do need new management though.

      • xxxHuggieBearxxx

        I know, but for reasons of idiocy i am unlikely to survive until their eventual recovery.

        • JTU

          Here I go again! I bought and sold DDD for a 24% gain on Thursday. I bought it again today when it dipped at the open and sold it again today for about another 5% gain!
          I’m doing great right?
          Wrong! I own fucking MCP!
          For every stock I make a killing with, I have another waiting to fucking blow up!

  21. _srd4_

    fly, what is the context of the background picture? Who’s mansion is this?

  22. Major Lurker

    How about a contest for us lurkers? The winner gets a $25 Olive Garden gift card.

  23. _srd4_

    regarding Molycorp – they bought my fucking company here in Canada for billions of dollars – don’t be so easily fooled….

  24. _srd4_

    hey Fly – you said once your sister lived in a perilous part of NY or something like that – is she Hurricane ok? WHy no pics of the BLUE RADIO lately?

  25. _srd4_

    Europeans are quite funny – at one time they are telling you about how they like Elvis Stojko, then they are telling you about having sex with 3 girls at once in the same honesty as the figure skating thing | these extremes can’t even be made up – all I have to say is North America is a bit mundane.

    • Major Lurker

      How can the most diverse country in the world with 314,737,000 citizens from 150 different countries be mundane?

  26. The Real Genius

    Wow, I can’t believe people think the crap on this blog is real…like some bad reality show…like Finding Bigfoot.

  27. _srd4_

    $VHC remember when you heard it at this stie

  28. Raise Taxes, Raise Spending
    Raise Taxes, Raise Spending

    I enjoy visiting the New Jersey Gentlemen’s Club for the lively conversation as well as the stock tips, although the political discussions recently have been truly unworthy. However, when I see Walmart and Home Depot returns beating out all this active trading, I wonder if all this bi-polar angst is worth it. Maybe buying some big dividend stocks and just going away to enjoy life is the way to go.

  29. Dark Side

    You know they’re gonna kill ya. So, like… if you give ’em a quick short, sharp shock, they don’t do it again. Dig it? I mean he got off light, ‘cos I could’ve given him a thrashing โ€“ I only hit him once! It’s only a difference of right and wrong, isn’t it? I mean, good manners donโ€™t cost nothin’, do they? Hey!

  30. James

    fly…Bearish on the dollar and equities? Which one falls first…