Wednesday, December 7, 2016
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Out of respect for my love of money, I cordially invite you to cease and desist talking about politics. Anyone who declines my invitation will be BANNED and sent to the lowest depths of hell.

Going into today’s trade, I was a very nervous man, not because of my coal position into the election, but because of VHC.

It is my largest position and I’ve been trying to scale out, unsuccessfully, before their trial with AAPL concluded. The Devil and Chuck Bennett chastised me for wanting to sell–but it wasn’t my deal. Therefore, I lacked the psychopathic conviction they possessed to see it through without fear. The end result is nothing less than staggering.

The beat AAPL and was awarded $368 million from AAPL.

Why is this important?

Because they have a trial date pending with CSCO in March and have just levied another suit against AAPL for everything under the sun–this time for ‘willful infringement’–TRIPLE DAMAGES. After the AAPL win, CSCO is likely to settle. After all, the AAPL win was not the first victory for VHC. They defeated MSFT months ago and won $200 million.

This is the real deal.

But the awards are not the reason to own the stock, but the royalties going forward. They are talking about 1% of all iPhone, iPod, iPad sales going forward. And this doesn’t end with AAPL, it’s just the beginning. Samsung is next and anyone who infringes on their patents.

In short, regardless of what VHC does today, I am a buyer. I now believe, finally and emphatically, that VHC will be a monster winner going forward. I won’t put a price target on the stock, because that’s just silly. But it’s worth a whole of a lot more than $30, $40, $50 even $60 per share.

NOTE: Here is the ‘Willful Infringement’ lawsuit document, filed last night.

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  1. TraderCaddy

    Makes me wish I stayed awake in my copyright, trademark, and patents class when I was in law school. A real snoozer.
    And TY about the politics talk.

  2. darkslicer

    great post. are u trying to accumulate coal stocks on dips over the next days?

  3. mhass33

    good call on VHC, might need to wait for market to settle down but will keep it on radar as potential leader. thanks for the insight fly

    BTW gold and silver decoupling from the market this morning, very bad signal for the US

  4. Cascadian

    Why doesnt Apple just buy out VHC?

  5. joe

    whats goin on with CIEN ??!!!

  6. TradingProdigy

    Yes, I am liking VHC. Holding my position.

  7. OG

    In Fly I trust. Bought a starter in VHC.

  8. DaveyNC

    Fly is God! Got in VHC yesterday, have boner today!

  9. nobody

    CNBC said VHC case does NOT include royalty.