Friday, December 9, 2016
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Most websites offer their readers trinkets, selfishly for sale– in an otherwise underhanded way of offering undo/undeserved salutatory praise for ridiculous blogging ‘accomplishments’.

“The Fly” views his blog, as most things in his life, to be nothing more than ornamental decor, in a world filled with gratuitous items. The lot of you are considered to be my great big human fish-tank, reacting in certain ways to a series of phrases and words that I happen to concoct out of the blackness of my heart.

Other financial blogs are stupid, plainly. They carry on about their importance in a world that is more likely to stick their heads on an SEC sponsored spike, than to honour them with a cemetery named after their surname. The entirety of the financial television circuit is filled with cocaine addled, ‘white monkeys’, jockeying to outdo one another in a never-ending rat race for molded cheese.

You serve as fantastic caricatures of everything that is idiotic in finance.

I, on the other hand, offer games, in the form of ‘STOCK MARKET CONTEST’, and will give you a prize of $2,000–to be split amongst two fortunate participants (for the sake of increasing the odds of winship). I offer these games, exclusively, to the gentlemen/ladies of 12631, not because they are better than all of you–but because they are the finest people that I know.

You should know, to become a member of the famed 12631 club, one must be a member of the infamous PPT, a smoked filled room where “The Fly” tells tales of The Devil and where Chuck Bennett disseminates ‘for eyes only’ information.

I’d offer this contest to you, the unwashed–I truly would. However, as luck would have it, the Board of Directors of “The Axiom” strictly prohibited any company funds– from our holding company– to be granted to members of the “D-class”, just prior to embarking out for sea, in an unnamed vessel, for a period of time unknown to me.

Therefore, as you can see, the games shall commence, effectively on 11/12/12 through year end, specifically for the men with the most decorative top hats. All others are free to gaze in amazement, clamoring for a piece of the action in thought only.

Details will be forthcoming inside of 12631 and The PPT.

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  1. mad_scientist

    How about a consolation game for the ppt’ers?

  2. Bullish

    As a sore, disgruntled, D – class member I wish you all bad luck in this contest. May your stocks be crushed by Seeking Alpha hit pieces, earnings restatements and CFO resignations.

  3. fake amish

    Axelrod on fox news sunday, why? If this thing is over as all the leftard media is hyping. Why does the 0’s top guy need to eat questions about Libya gate two days before the election?

    • fake amish

      Coal goes ape shit if Rombot wins. Does gold go apeshit if 0 wins? Looking at NUGT as a hedge of sorts. The miners got hammered late last week.

      • The Eye-Talian Stallion
        The Eye-Talian Stallion

        Gold Formula:
        Republicans = Stability
        Gold Hates Stability.
        Therefore, gold tanks in the near future.

      • The Fly

        RGR goes apeshit when O wins.

        How about long ANR-long RGR?

        • fake amish

          The defense stocks(LMT RTN NOC)look vulnerable to simple profit taking beyond the devastation of a 0 win. Like the RGR play the best. Nice consolidation last few months as well.

        • republicat

          I bet a lot of NY-NJ-CT folks will want to buy some backup protection $RGR after being in the dark for a week.

        • V

          Fly, what do you mean WHEN Obama wins?! are you changing sides?

      • lol

        There is no “if” “if” implies the outcome isn’t already in place.

        Romney has already won, everything else is just cause and effect playing out, like some Rube Goldberg machine. Everyone that determines the election has made up their mind. Meanwhile CNN has to put up a dem +11 poll to even make it look like it is still neck and neck.

  4. Airborne

    From the beginning, i.e. the old blog site, you have given me many hours of enjoyable reading. In not a trader you most certainly would have be an author of the highest accord. Not to mention that you have been responsible for several excellent profits along the way. Thank you for all these years of entertainment and knowledge.

  5. Cascadian

    If allowed in I’d win. Like the negro baseball players of old.

  6. The Fly

    President Reagan

  7. Obummer gonna win

    Looks like someone forgot to adjust the server’s time for daylight savings.

  8. fake amish

    So Slick Willie is needed with the same shitty Fleetwood Mac song to help the 0 two days before the election. How is this not panic mode?

    • fake amish

      The 0 has blown the first term so badly it has come to a rehash of the fucking nineties?!? This is remarkable when one considers the children and the ghetto are the only hope.

  9. fake amish

    Voting is the best revenge. You did not build that. Voting is the best… A retarded martian could read those tea leaves.

  10. Rick

    Obama wins.

    Romney is 3/1 and 4/1 in offshore betting. It’s over for him bar the shouting.

    Prepare for QE3.

  11. _srd4_

    we both know the prize will be $2k minus the paypal fee

  12. Mr. Cain Thaler

    Fish tanks, huh? Just keep that killer crab out of it.

    What was that thing called? Jack the Ripper part 2?

  13. Fly

    So I am supposed to absorb the PayPal fee for you too?