Monday, December 5, 2016
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France was down 2% when I went to sleep last night and S&P futures were dramatically lower, -180. The bearshitters were elated on Twitter last night, rejoicing in the bad news, lathering themselves with the pain of others, declaring victory. I fucking warned them all, last night, that I was going to kill them all. I told them “PREPARE TO BE SHOT FROM CARNIVAL CANNONS” should the market trade up today. Lo and behold, France is up and futures are down 30.

By no means am I boasting. From my vantage point, Senor Tropicana has a lot of work to do, none of which requires chest pounding or early celebrations.


I said it yesterday and I will say it now: the European move AWAY from austerity is good. The fucking Tea Parties of the world can fuck themselves. Trying to be austere when the economy is collapsing is fucking juvenile. The arch-fiends in Germany need to stop worrying about inflation and understand deflation is the real risk. Once the Europeans embrace their printing presses, world markets will fucking soar.

Spain is up 1.3% and I’m going to slap someone in the face with a hot slice of pizza today. The world is as it should be.

Top picks: KMB, YELP, PEP

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  1. xxxHuggieBearxxx

    Well, fuckit, let the averaging down begin. Just bought EXK and SLW…1st of three tranches, should we continue lower.

  2. riggedgame

    Fly, thank you for agreeing with the loose money – non austerity policies I have been pushing here for months.

    • Cheesefries

      Liberals never have the balls to stand on principle, they always gravitate towards the heard mentality and the “easy way” or the “what is best for me”.

      Thomas Jefferson would have strung you both up by your balls. Ponder that…



        A game.

        And your generalization isn’t meaningful either.

      • riggedgame

        What’s best for the USA and the WORLD, Dipshit. As I have posted:

        In these days of high debt -Federal,personal and mortgage;
        in these days of RECORD corporate profits and cash;
        in these days of high unemployment and low interest rates;
        in these days of astronomical wealth and income disparity:

        A) Raise the min wage to $10 USA
        B) Cut the work week to 35 hours
        c) Print money left and right (Fed)
        D) Tax the living shit out of the wealthy

        That’s BAD for me because I am wealthy and good for the vast majority.

        • ckalt

          So the solution for a weak economy is inflation, lower productivity and more taxes. Got it.

        • Cheesefries

          The last 4 years have worked out pretty good using your outline haven’t they?

          Maybe you should add:

          E) Distort unemployment figures from the labor department to keep the support of ignorant and inexperienced youth.

        • Cheesefries

          I thought I would add:

          In the real world, anytime someone must tell you they are wealthy, they typically arent.

        • RightlySo

          The only way a fucking moron like riggedgame, a guy who cannot differentiate between “lose” and “loose”, is wealthy, is if he:

          A. Inhereted the money
          B. Stole it
          C. Won the lottery.

        • riggedgame

          Apparently YOU can’t distinguish between “inherited” and “inhereted”.

          You must be home schooled.

        • riggedgame

          You are as full of shit as a Christmas turkey. During the last four years, NONE of this has happened except C to a small extent:

          A) Raise the min wage to $10 USA
          B) Cut the work week to 35 hours
          c) Print money left and right (Fed)
          D) Tax the living shit out of the wealthy

        • bhh

          If my taxes go up substantially from here, I am going to fire all my employees, close up shop, and retire. I’ve got the savings to live a comfortable life and I am sick of working 6 months a year to pay Uncle Sam. How does this help anyone again?

        • Spooky

          Go for it. Someone else will fill the gap who is willing to work for less. That is the prescription always given to workers. Why shouldn’t it apply to you?

        • Cheesefries

          Go ask the Greeks how that’s working out.

        • Spooky

          That is not the Greek malaise! Greek malaise is that the banking class in Greece, much as in our good ole US of A, is fucking everyone else in that country in the ass. That, my friend, is the Greek malaise.

        • riggedgame

          Good for you. It will help the guy who starts a business like yours.

  3. Swinging for the Fences
    Swinging for the Fences

    TEF – telecom beaten down with the rest of Spain – undervalued

  4. razorsedge

    still on the side lines. jobs no. on fri have made me lookin for bargins. the euro ? greece will leave ? get kicked out? stay tuned for the next exciting episode!

  5. JoeCool

    I love deflation! The price of all the “stuff” I want just keeps getting cheaper.
    I hope everything goes to $1

  6. Yabollox

    Very nice bit of music there. I’ve found one must wait until the end of the music to post. If you have the music playing and then hit [post] the music goes away. Waiting is a good thing.

  7. rru2s

    US Flight 666 Economy Airways has upgraded to new inflight cockpit controls — If the plane starts to stall, fire up the afterprinters. If it banks and leans too far left, then the “inflation ailerons” are activated. Europe is about to order their planes with the same features.

  8. rru2s

    $LYSCF a strong buy, at chart bottoms which were touched 4 times YTD. Malaysian conference on rare earths today – Jack Lifton and academics presenting. AELB may issue Temp Operating License soon after this P.R. junket is over.

  9. Yabollox

    The Titanic sunk 100 years ago. Various salvagers have found, through records of the cargo, that a large volume of 100 y/o gourmet mayonnaise (of all things) was in the hold of the Titanic. It is thought to be perfectly preserved in the cold, nearly freezing temperature of the water there. The make up of this fine Belgian mayonaise is of particular interest to historians and cooking buffs. It could have as much value as the various gold and jewelry pieces that may lie there alongside the Titanic. International law is fuzzy on who has salvage rights. There is quite a competition with competing claims among salvage rs to recover this “Sinko de Mayo”

  10. check

    without a doubt a move away from austerity is long term good.

    but there is one risky dynamic over there in Europe: if Greece gets a reduction of its debt, why shouldn’t Portugal? Etc.

    A real solution will come in two forms

    1. the ECB distributing Euro’s and relieving debt
    2. the Eurozone breaking up and reverting to sovereign currencies.

    With a net, zone-wide, current account deficit, the EU cannot endure extended attempts at Austerity.

  11. Trading_Nymph

    Eur/USD held support test of 1.3000 last night, SPX 1350 also. But markets never go thru big points on the first attempt. Oil 96/97 support also. IMHO, Market is saying wait wait BoE will give me more money on Thursday and China CPI will be weak (do you believe that they are stockpiling Pork to keep up falling Hog prices), so China will cut rates and give me money. Only Intervention that this Cocaine Market will get is from the BoJ, and that is not cocaine but total rehab time. In the words of Fly, its time for this Nymph to eat a sandwich until the API data post tomorrow I guess.

  12. Mr. Partridge

    Fuck this dogshit…
    i am buying stocks 🙂

  13. Multatuli

    Oh là là…..Valerie (the 47 year old lover of François Hollande) is HOT…… It’s hard to believe the two of them have seven kids together (from previous marriages). “The Rottweiler,” as she is known, is not exactly exuding “austerity”. In reality she is known for her elegant fashion sense…..

    Let’s just be Frank, folks…. In France austerity means your croissant is served a day old……..

    They are really not suffering over there……….

    And Valerie…. She’s hot……… Sizzling…….