Tuesday, December 6, 2016
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Tournament Update

I hope you realize, we’re just giving money away here. Back in the old days, these contests were open to everyone, even the miscreants who plagued me in the comments section. However, as the ranks in our membership swelled, it was only right for me to reward my people with a form of lottery.

After the March madness contest, I intend to do two more contests in 2012: one in the summer and another around X-Mas. I already know what sort of contest it’s going to be. But if you have any ideas worth sharing, feel free to jot them the fuck down in the comments section. We’ll be giving away about $3,000, one open to The PPT club and another exclusive to the fine Pelicans inside 12631.

I’m here in Orlando, Florida, readying to help create some long lasting memories with my little ones. As usual, my flight was idiotic and the fucking olives given to me on the plane made me sick. Nevertheless, I am now in a 5 star hotel and feel at ease. Tomorrow is an off day for me; but I will be sure to post a blog or two, perhaps poolside (as you know, the pools are heated at 86 degrees).

Futures are sharply higher because China feels it makes sense to battle inflation and create inflation at the same time. It makes sense, if you think about it. The whole world is inside out stupid. We might as well just start doing shit that makes no sense, whatsoever, just to throw the cynics off. If I was Bernanke, I’d cut rates to -0.5% and tell everyone “get out their and buy a fucking home, assholes,” just after I loaded the fuck up with $1 trilly in index call options. Hell, the Fed can make all of the money back by just partaking in a little insider trading. If Congress can do it, why can’t Ben?

I’m kidding of course. Ben and the Fed have been fucking with the market since Reagan signed executive order 12631.

At any rate, I have a pretty good idea what stocks are worth gambling on. If I buy, it will only betray everything I believe in, not a big deal. It’s the crack-cocaine, frankly. I smell its tantalizing aroma and it taunts me with its grandeur, as I lie here in the lonely tall grass.

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  1. Mad_Scientist

    Ohhhh! I was always wondering what the heck a 12631 was. Now I get it.

    Btw, get out there and buy… A game!

  2. inloworbit

    The world is on Disney time, enjoy mousing around the kingdom. My 4 yr old’s favorite rides are Splash Mountain and Kali River Rapids.

    • The Fly

      We’re doing Universal this time.

      • Lydira

        Loved the Jurassic Park and the Dueling Dragons rides and Dr. Seuss. Haven’t seen the Harry Potter exhibit, but I certainly want to try the butter beer one day.

      • MetalLeg

        If your kids are Potter fans, it’s worth waiting on line at Ollivanders. They give a demonstration on how the wands work and then provide entry into the store so you can spend some of your 18% gains on stupid molded plastic wands like I did.

        Butter beer = butterscotch

  3. alf44

    … I have indelible memories of Orlando !

    And … NO !

    It has nothing to do with “amusement parks” !!!

    Suffice it to say … I don’t remember her name … nor … I am quite sure … she … mine !!!

    I DO remember, however … after a night of blissful debauchery … I had to somehow wake up at the “crack” of dawn and do an 8 hour seminar on “component level troubleshooting” … of a little known technology called “Laser Disc” !!!

    This was before CD’s and DVD’s !!! lol

    This was what made those technologies possible !!!



  4. fake amish

    the house of fly is life done right.

  5. BullRun

    Avoid the need to understand or explain the market.

    Just saying…

    • BullRun

      Identifying unjustified causal relationships … and I’m not talking about women.

      • BullRun

        The longer a trend continues, the more likely it will suddenly turn around just for you. These biases are usually referred to as the gambler’s fallacy.

  6. The Fly

    Alf invented the CD. Now he’s blowing his fortunes on superfluous TZA positions.


  7. MX2101

    Audio CD originally sounded bad because of filter and converter technology at the time. CD meant no vinyl problems like scratches, mistracking and off center pressings. It should have been 24 bit, but this was not practical at the time.

    Then technology improved and people got the “bright idea” of smashing everything up to 0 dB digital full scale with audio processing, on records released to the public. Tacky data rate reduction via MP3 on other forms of music delivery, sealed the deal.

    And that in a nutshell, is why recorded music sounds like crap now. The general public has no idea what they are missing, and they don’t care.

    Party on…

  8. drummerboy

    dltr for the win,all the way to the top,Pal.

  9. ImNoFan

    What? I suppose the Fly will try to tell me my 8-track player and Merle Haggard cartridges are outdated now. Think me and Warren are too old to count now.

  10. donker

    hey fly great thoughts as always….

    on another note: could u a little further eloborate on the rhetoric methods of ed motta?

  11. Testicules

    8-tracks were great…especially when they got all twisted up while playing you could rip it out of the dash, hurl it out the window and really “feel” the impact as it smashed through a Vega windshield”’try that with an MP3..HA

  12. Frog Playing a Colorful Accordion
    Frog Playing a Colorful Accordion

    Love the music, Fly. Thanks.

    And thanks to you, Alf, for inventing the CD. Engineers rock, and I mean that seriously. Tons of stuff we just take for granted, engineers worked long and hard to develop. Maybe there should be an Engineers Day.

  13. Frog Playing a Colorful Accordion
    Frog Playing a Colorful Accordion

    Fly, in the tournament, what is the North, South, East, and West thing about?

    • Jakegint

      That’s just the different brackets, to mimic the real NCAA lay out, and also to expand the contest to fit the larger amount of players.

      Doesn’t mean anything save that the winners of those four “directions” will be “The Final Four” just like in the NCAA Tourney.


  14. Jakegint

    Fly already making his presence known in Orlando.

    Do NOT cut into le Fly’s line!


    (And yes, I know, it’s Cally, but it was funny, no?)


    • ruggyup

      Oh right. He must be signed up for Vince Carter’s Obama basketball fund raising gala at his Windermere, FL home. A Fly must @ $30,000/ticket will surely impress all readers here. “Cept’n one.

  15. dave

    Just remember guys. Money gets you a seat at the head of the table. It gets you into IPOs. It gets you into politics. It gets you into fancy restaurants. It gets you into line ahead of the plebians. Money is everything. Don’t you forget it.

  16. ruggyup

    One of the additional places provides its guests with ankle bracelets, lidless toilets, daily meals, assigned roommates, regular exercise, peculiar new best friends and all gotten through MONEY.