Saturday, December 10, 2016
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The wholesome folks over at iBC are preparing the grounds for war, reintroducing the annual March Madness contest. Ragin Cajun will tell you all about it sometime this week. The winner gets $1,000 and the first place loser gets to choose between select “iBC gear” or a set of steak knives (I will literally go out and buy them for you). The 2nd place loser is banned from the site.

Any questions?

As many of you know, “The Fly” kicked off this contest, many years ago, by defeating all of you miscreants with a godly short Washington Mutual trade (fuck WAMU).

The only catch: you need to be a subscriber to The PPT in order to qualify for the contest. Frankly, if I am going to be giving anything of value away, in this case $1,000, I will only bequeath it to a gentleman of my choosing. Having more than 1,000 members inside of our illustrious club of exclusivity and pomp, there will be more than enough people to fill the ranks.

Details will be forthcoming.

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  1. Bullish

    I’m shooting for the steak knives. Diamond crusted!!

  2. Flicker

    Frankly the manly thing to do is to apply the 1000 bucks to future IBC memberships. Like having a credit balance on your credit card.I would just blow the grand on pussy and whiskey

  3. noodle

    You should up the prize fly, $1000 doesn’t seem enough anymore.

  4. The Zombie

    The Fly is God.

  5. chivo

    how about a tardy 1st place gift of a singular, diamond encrusted steak knife?

    A game

  6. Frog Playing a Colorful Accordion
    Frog Playing a Colorful Accordion

    Thanks for the contest, Fly. Will be fun.

    BTW, there is hope for the world after all. Look at the constructive things school kids are able to accomplish nowdays.

  7. d

    BVSN @39.15 … hate it or love it. Boom.

  8. Trading_Nymph

    Can you believe that the RBA didn’t cut rates tonight over the weakness in china and europe?? Wouldn’t that be the perfect reason to cut rates? Oh Well, at least China is selling off.

  9. razorsedge

    as for your home hunt. u might like houston. just my opinion. take a vacation to houston, stay at the magnolia hotel. they have everything u need. dont rent a car , u ask they will take u there , 24/7. the town is like no big city you’ve been to. the people there treat u like family. devon, chevron, and many other co. i own stocks in r there. there not about profit first, there about people. the profit comes after u understand that it takes more than money to make a company. at the magnolia the co. gm visits reg to make sure his employees have everything they need to make u happy. i know sounds like im pumpin, but im not. 1 fiend to another. mark

  10. razorsedge

    dont have an a game but was sposed to b friend

  11. JTU

    McClellan Says U.S. Stocks May Trade Sideways Until June

  12. JTU

    Wow! Crack spread is at 30.44 up another 3.34% this morning and up a whopping 134% since Dec. 1, 2011!

  13. Mike

    ya FUCK WAMU….had to hit the reset buttomn after that one!!!! fucking crooks…

    crack spreads up again…WNR gonna rip tits!!!

  14. JTU

    Bernanke speaks at 10:00 A.M. today. It could be a market mover!

  15. garyw1

    I want those damn steak knives sooo bad , I’m joining just for the chance to win falling knives touched by Le Fly