Saturday, December 3, 2016
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Business as Usual

Bears got their mustaches punched off in late trading, partly thanks to the QCOM for ATHR bid. Once again, keep your eyes peeled for deals. This ATHR deal ups the valuation targets for a slew of tech firms. You just need to figure out the next one to go.

For the day, I was down 0.58%, putting me back in the black, following yesterday’s +0.86% showing.

My outperformers included CHLN, AXL, PWER and CENX, while EXK, OCZ and FMC raped me a little.

I’m laying down the fucking law here and will no longer tolerate disobedience on iBankCoin. There is too much money to be made to waste time with some of you retarded ham and eggers. That sort of predicament is erroneous to me and does not live up to my expectations of “The LINDZON LIFESTYLE,” promised to me by stock Gods and Devils. On the eyes of your grandmother, I will bank some coin tomorrow.

Stay tuned.

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  1. Gravestone Doji


    • Blind Read Ant

      General Ripper: “There are impurities in the water.” There are bears lurking in the shadows. Time for the crook(s) to be shook: Let’s can “the Man” and clear the brainbashed electorate in the homeland before you Maya 2012 tool-crox attempt pea-brain flock.

  2. clegger_2000

    Keeping an eye on FIRE.

  3. FIG

    Good luck banking coin tomorrow. This rally is just about done.

  4. outofmiddleclass

    PWER looks strong, good 2011 play

  5. ajb_2010

    how about OXY??? entry points

  6. alphadawgg

    MVIS?…MVIS, anyone?….Anyone?….Buehler?….Buehler?….

  7. iriebuddy

    Appreciate if everyone took a short position in LULU. Its a POS and belongings in the trash. Like many
    of you here.

    • Bullish

      I bought some of those tights, shirts and such for my wife there over Christmas. Some of it was one size too big (not a way to win points with a lady). Anyways, we went back on boxing day to exchange it. Yes the mall was a zoo, but Lulu was complete insanity. They had those velvet people corrals to control the enormous line-up of about 150 chicks trying to get in there. And there was a sign prompting all refund and exchange losers to come back another day. So we went back about a week later, and it was still an estrogen filled stampede (though we were able to get into the door that time and wait in line at one of their 10 or so cash registers for about 25 minutes).

      Personally I like those taco wrappers they sell. Nothing wrong with seeing more shapes in a cold land such as mine, where parkas and snow pants abound. On chubby chicks, Lulu clothes are properly called “sausage casings”. For the record.

      • iriebuddy

        I remember my girl taking a pair up to the register, I being completely distracted from the time we entered
        was oblivious to the price tags, and the girl behind the register smiling as she asked for $110 and change for the one pair of spandex pants. I just laughed thinking, this pos HAS to go down! So…almost
        everyday since then, i’ve scalped short positions and today was a very nice one. She’s happy, she gets more LULU’s.

        • go2mars

          If you’ve never taken a yoga class, you should!!! It is you, and about 40 women in skimpy taco wrappers doing all kinds of healthy things. Oh, and I think there was some good excercize and stretching in there too somewhere. I’m not really a total pig. But I can’t help but admire a nice sunset, or waterfall, or female.

        • go2pluto

          How are the Flames doing this year bro?

          Vancouver is the West

          best you go back to cattle ranching, farm boy.

        • Bullish

          I’d rather play than watch. I’ve a box at the dome (through work), but only go to the concerts. So I have no idea how they are doing. But I will be in Van for the Cambridge House resource investors conference in a couple weekends. Cattle Ranching? That’s only for the really rich out here. I’m just a lowly oil man.

      • Bullish

        Umm… Mr Mars, I believe you forgot to change your name back. By the way where are these LULU stores? None in my neighborhood. If it wasn’t for the hot stock I wouldn’t even know what they do.

        • go2mars

          I was just waiting to see if your comment would be polite or not (based on past hilarious exchanges that you had with the original bullish). Carry on.

  8. krusty

    LOL, if MVIS could just keep going up 9% per day for the next 500 days then maybe I can break even on this shitnuts pos. C’mon Fly, pump this shit for old time’s sake.

  9. Jakegint

    On the eyes of your Grandmother, I will be experiencing the LINDZON LIFESTYLE first hand, next week in Sandy Dagos.


  10. Mr. President

    Mr. Fly,
    What would it take to get you 3X bearish?

    • go2mars

      Like in 2008 when it lost him (and me)$, or more like in 2010 when it lost him (and me)$? I believe Fly has already mentioned it a time or twelve of late: Stocks will always go up as long as the USofA has deficits in their budget, cocaine supositories in their heiny’s. He’s realized that private individual investors control the USD via shares in the Federal Reserve, and that as long as they can just make more money, and reap it by funnelling it through the big banks like Goldiloch’s Sach’s stealing baby bear’s dinner, that they will continue to do so since no one is stopping them. The house always wins.

    • go2mars

      Stated another way, inflation makes the stock market rise, and its the ~first place the Fed’s monopoly money gets to. If the fiat money supply expands, it will go to stock markets quickly. Like in any inflation/hyper inflation, stocks will go up. If being bearish were more a matter of “less up than usual this week”, and there were corresponding investment vehicles, it would make more sense. But imo, 3x bear etf’s are out. $100 tomatoes are in.

  11. Sierra Water

    Cramer is about to do the MOTRrrrrr Boaaat!!!

  12. Hank Moody

    Notice a couple LULU’s you didnt buy her? Thank me champ!

  13. Peter Lynch

    Who owns LULUS I might buy it for the missus?

  14. Jimmy Mock

    LULU is the ticker Lynchy you flog. I knew you were a pretender… You dumb wannabe. You were the monkey with the typewriter! And everyone else is fooled by randomness (and bear market rallies)

  15. theedge111


    Interesting reversal on the commodities considering the Fed came out and promised more printing.

    That was an eye opener for me. Wouldn’t be surprised to see a deflationary scare here for a bit. That gold reversal was an eye opener for me.

  16. Colonel von Ryan

    Big Oil kicked bad news square in the nuts today. If this was 2008 -2009 there would have been a 20 pt drop in the S&P.

  17. TeahouseOnTheTracks

    Todays’ market action was surprising indeud after yesterdays’ rise … which prompts one to review their charts …. here’s Tonys’ review of the action:

    “In our review we noticed that this rally, from the Intermediate wave four low at SPX 1173, can also be counted as five waves up: Minor 1 SPX 1247, Minor 2 SPX 1233, Minor 3 1263, Minor 4 SPX 1254 and Minor 5 SPX 1276. We posted this potential count on the DOW hourly chart and made note of it in the comment section. Unfortunately, even if this pullback overlaps our Minute wave one at SPX 1263 there are several potential bullish short term counts still remaining. However, an overlap of SPX 1263 would be the first caution for a potential uptrend top as well. Since this uptrend has already lasted for six months some caution around current levels is advised. If we have experienced an uptrend top at SPX 1276 specific support areas under the market should start to give way.”

    “The first, and important, support is the OEW 1261 pivot range, (1254-1268). A pullback to the lower end of the range would be okay for an irregular Minute wave two, but it would also represent the biggest pullback of the entire Int. wave five rally, (1276-1254), 22 points. This would not be a good sign going forward. The second and more significant support is the OEW 1240 pivot range, (1233-1247). Should the market pullback into this range the decline off the SPX 1276 high would now [be] overlapping the Minor wave 1 high at SPX 1247. A downtrend confirmation is likely to follow if this occurs.”

    “To sum it up. A pullback below SPX 1263 is a caution, below SPX 1254 is a warning, and below SPX 1247 would likely confirm an uptrend top at SPX 1276. Until one, or all, of these events occur the uptrend remains on track to reach the OEW 1313 pivot. Just being objective.”

    Full speed ahead unless ^ …. This is a good example of how OEW can keep you in or get you out, especially swing traders and/or investors who aren’t worried about a few hundred points to the downside. Candles, MA’s, Fib Lines, Waves, Chicken Bones, etc …Choose your weapon but the waves have been most reliable for me.