Tuesday, December 6, 2016
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I sold out of W.W. Grainger, Inc. [[GWW]] —too stubborn.

I initiated a position in Flowserve Corporation [[FLS]] , buying 2,000 @ $98.80. In addition, I bought 5,000 [[YONG]] @ $8.45, 5,000 ATP Oil & Gas Corporation [[ATPG]] in the $17.80’s, 2,000 Green Mountain Coffee Roasters Inc. [[GMCR]] in the $65.60’s and 2,000 ICICI Bank Limited (ADR) [[IBN]] in the $35.20’s.

Disclaimer: Don’t follow me into these stocks for I am speed chopping carrots, with my balls laid out on the kitchen table.

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  1. JakeGint

    Don’t follow me into these stocks for I am speed chopping carrots, with my balls laid out on the kitchen table.




  2. The_Real_Hmmm

    Lol. The little guy there is also in the James Bond classic, The Man with the Golden Gun. Jake is crafting a “F-L-Y” engraved golden bullet now for the duel of titans. Fly will defeat him and use the solex agitator to superheat Vietnam (2nd largest coffee producer), effectively making the largest cup of coffee in the Pacific Ocean.

    On a related note, I got some WMS for those gambling machines.

  3. Dave

    I am following “The Fly” into coffee heaven.

  4. Braveflaps

    Never get outta da plane.



  5. Required


    Is there a more sophisticated investment strategy than meets the eye over there at fly headquarters? Or do you truly invest based on your judgement of economic trends, sentiment, momentum etc.. Do you use charting or look at financial statements and ratios at all? Your ability to pick winners is impressive and I am wondering if theres more to your picks than you let on.

  6. Dr Fly

    The secret sauce is secret. Just eat the beef with broccoli and don’t worry about the quality of the meat.

  7. A monkey with a dart board
    A monkey with a dart board

    I want my STV!

  8. henryfool

    VISN Break Out!

  9. Dr Fly

    EQIX spiraling higher, much to the chagrin of Cramer’s buddies.

  10. Scavenger

    Some news for Chuck’s IBGH today:

    HOUSTON, Dec. 15 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ — Innovative Beverage Group Holdings, Inc. (IBGH), makers of drank™ Extreme Relaxation™ beverage, today announced that it will bring the company’s top-selling calming beverage, drank™, to Canada. The wildly-popular beverage will roll out to stores in Canada within the first few weeks of January and will be on shelves in time for the Winter Olympics.

    I wonder what effect this drink will have on the olympics!

  11. softbatch26

    maybe you need a salad shooter.

  12. Dr Fly

    I drink your fucking milkshake. I drink it up.

  13. Dr. Evo

    slam a few and then head over to the ski jump competition… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5l_ebStFQXc

  14. Dr Fly

    health care reform is evil, especially for insurance players