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You Know Nothing

I really hate to keep throwing acid in your face, but some of the comments left on this site are downright ridiculous. Do you people think “The Fly” is stupid, like your fucking local plumber, or something? You throw out comments, like “OMG, FTK is so fucked if Fly sells.” What do you know?

Answer: Nothing.

No position constitutes more than 10% of my assets, so shut the fuck up.

I’ll tell you another thing. I am a HUGE CNBC fan, with all of its bells, whistles, Kneales and Cramers. Over the weekend, for a brief second, I thought about how hated CNBC has become, particularly on the internet. Then it dawned on me: I fucking hate bloggers. If bloggers hate CNBC, “The Fly” likes it, or vice versa. Wherever the wind blows, Senor Tropicana is going the other way, into the storm. To be honest with you, as opposed to outrght lying, CNBC bears the brunt for a lot of bullshit. Think about how difficult it must be to sit there, under the bright lights with make-up all over your face, entertaining a bunch of malcontent bloggers/misfit investors.

Fuck that.

That’s why “The Fly” will never do radio or make special guest appearances on the teevee.

As for the markets:

It appears the Dubai crap is behind us, regardless of how big the debt is. The rich fuckers from UAE will absorb all losses. Take that to the bank, jackass.

Nonetheless, the market is behaving weird, as if people are scared to allocate funds. Just know, should retail sales come in better than expected, this market will go nuts, like a hungry monkey in a fucking banana tree. Despite the lies being disseminated by certain Green Mountain Coffee Roasters Inc. [[GMCR]] haters, I like the shares and will continue to add to my position, into the $50’s. Also, I like Mechel OAO (ADR) [[MTL]] , ICICI Bank Limited (ADR) [[IBN]], SandRidge Energy Inc. [[SD]] and U.S. Global Investors, Inc. [[GROW]] . For the most part, any new funds invested on my behalf will be allocated into foreign related stocks and selective niche plays.

I am very done with the whole US of A thing. It’s fucking played out.

UPDATE: I bought 2,000 [[GMCR]] @ $62.50, unafraid of what the dark abyss may look like, since I have been there before, many times, under different guises.

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