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Apparently 2800 Pigs Was Not Enough, Now 6000 Pigs Have Been Dumped in Huangpu River

Shanghai said it’s increasing the frequency of water quality checks after the number of dead pigs found upriver from China’s largest commercial city more than doubled from the previous tally to almost 6,000.

The government pulled 5,916 hogs from the Huangpu River as of 3 p.m. yesterday and said the discovery of new carcasses has slowed, according to a statement on its website. It’s accelerating construction of barriers along parts of the river to prevent more pigs from floating downstream, after preliminary investigations showed the hogs originated from neighboring Zhejiang province.

The discovery of the hogs is the latest safety scare in China, where leaders have come under criticism for the handling of public health and environmental issues. The government announced a plan March 10 for a regulator with broader authority to ensure food and drug safety and said the agriculture ministry will oversee the quality of farm products, underpinning its pledge to crack down on violations and better protect consumers.

“The impact on sentiment is big when you see floating pigs along this river,” Jean-Yves Chow, an analyst at Rabobank International, said in an interview in Hong Kong. “It’s come to a situation where the government has to do what they need to make some improvements and create transparency among farmers.”

Shanghai Bund

The Shanghai government said March 10 it’s investigating why so many dead pigs were found in the river. People in the Zhejiang city of Jiaxing have been dumping pigs in the river since March 4, the official Xinhua News Agency said, citing the Shanghai information office. Xinhua said authorities in Jiaxing acknowledged dead pigs had been dumped into the water…..”

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