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George Papandreou: Productive Phone Calls Continue

Reports of productive phone calls started yesterday and continuing today have held world equity markets up in anticipation Greece will not default shortly.

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  1. Dirac

    Dear Sir:

    I am eager to know more about the situation about today’s Greece. I have to introduce myself first. My name is Dirac and I am from the Journalism and Communication School in Shantou University in the southern China.
    As I am a journalist who learned the international news, I found nowadays Greece plan to hold a vote through the whole country to decide the new plan which was published by EU. So I want to ask you some questions:
    1 What do you think of the reason that the premier George Papandreou to make up this plan? What benefit will the Greece would get if the plan was hold?
    2 Can you image what policy will the EU would carry out if Greece’s plan was successfully hold?
    3 If the reply of Greeks was “no”. Can you image the impact toEU?
    I am sorry to ask you so many questions, and it may take you some minutes to read the article and answer my questions, but I also want you to feel free to answer them. And I am sure that your answers can not help me a lot but also show your opinions that may help release some of us who have the questions about today’s Europe.

    I appreciate your time to reply, and I have to say it is my task to finish in the next two days. If you have other friends who you think would help me, it would be very nice!
    Best wishes Your sincerely

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