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Unintended Consequence

“The contributors are many as actors in the American Tragedy, to cause the systemic breakdown failed state. Faulty monetary policy, economic policy, and political policy have caused the resulting failure. The primary perpetrators are the central bankers, led by Greenspan and Bernanke. These two men have done more to destroy the USEconomy, the US financial structure, the US currency, than any two men of prominence. To be sure, the Bush, Clinton, and Rubin gang played a huge role in the collapse. Their supporting cast of destructive actors is very long, like the serial bank criminals residing on Wall Street. To be sure, the system itself has played a key role in the harmful factors. The two most apparent harmful resident factors are the strong US labor unions and the influential environmental movement, which together encouraged the vast outsourcing of US industry at first to the Pacific Rim, and then fanning across the developing world. Both workmen compensation and OSHEA regulations interfered with US cost settings, but not as much as USGovt corporate taxes. The textile industry went to India and Pakistan, even Bangladesh. Call centers went to India, Philippines, even Costa Rica. The culprits are too numerous to cite.

Corporations in general sought out any foreign nation with fewer rules, and weaker unions in which to conduct business at lower cost, with lower taxes and lower fences in regulatory oversight. In the last decade, the destruction of the US system, both financial and economic, has been in a greatly accelerated mode. Almost all actions by the USGovt to defend against defection and defiance have resulted in amplified reaction by the East in opposing the USDollar system and all its many features, devices, weapons, and subterfuge. The motive for actions taken are clearly in defense of the King Dollar Regime. The responses taken are clearly to reinstate the Gold Trade Standard and no longer deal with a toxic USDollar for trade and banking. The unintended consequences are uniform if not universal. The outcome will be to develop the Eastern Gold Trade Standard while the entire Western system crumbles, deteriorates, sinks, and implodes. Review a list of factors, events, and reactions, the common theme in unmistably fashion, is a tragedy extending from the original sin, breaking the Gold Standard. The United States has given the world two choices: war to defend the USDollar, versus work with Eastern Alliance toward the Gold Standard.  

The nations of the world will choose commerce and trade eventually, and turn their backs on the United States. They will return to Gold. The BRICS nations will in the next several months possibly install a gold-backed currency for usage in the Eurasian Trade Zone and elsewhere. The threat of a Returned Gold Trade Standard is cause for war with the United States. Thus the series of wars, in hidden defense of the USDollar, with distractions galore on declared reasons of thin type. The BRICS Development Bank is a cover for a Gold Central Bank. The interference is universal by the USGovt and Wall Street bankers in control. They risk sinking the entire global economy in order to preserve power. Before they chose to prop insolvent banks, instead of liquidating them. Now they choose to wreck the global economy. They want global fascism, a veritable hell on earth.


1. Abandon the Gold Standard, begin clean economy initiative driven by financial engineering. Goal was to prevent gold depletion, while creating a utopia pristine economy. The outcome was a gutted USEconomy, stolen gold reserves, horrendous imbalances, and systemic failure.

– set nation on wrong course with fake money, debt saturation, counterfeit, capital ruin

– it took over a generation, but longest record for paper money currency was 33 years

– encouraged cabal to form deeper roots, undermine financial markets

– resulted in grotesque imbalances, lost manufacturing, reliance upon asset bubbles

– USGovt debt must be covered by caustic unsterilized hyper monetary inflation

– final phase is defense of USDollar with war, bank fraud, and hyper monetary inflation

– astonishing isolation is coming for the United States, as allies choose trade over war

2. Outsource industry starting in 1980 decade, using blinders on long-term effects. The gains were short-term while the damage is long-term. The outcome is a gutted USEconomy, absent legitimate income sources, steady deterioration, and systemic failure.

– at micro level, objective was reduced costs (low cost solution)

– at macro level, result was added dependence on asset bubbles (series bubble & bust)

– Emerging Markets are responsible for 80% of savings and majority of industry

– Eastern nations will lead the eventual disposal of the King Dollar Regime

– USEconomy lacks the critical mass from which to benefit from the 0% stimulus

– the United States urgently requires a new chapter of re-industrialization

– US has run out of activated asset bubbles, housing last, stocks & bonds now

– USTreasury Bond market is largest asset bubble in history, signals US failed state

– USEconomy has indications of being a Ponzi Scheme or debt and QE abuse

3. Chinese lease of Gold to Wall Street permitted the continued fiat paper USDollar game, with additional underpinnings in collateral declarations. The game was kept going another decade. The outcome is a more devastating transfer of US assets, for banks and commercial buildings, even farm property. The United States is on the verge of losing its sovereignty and becoming a vassal state.

– gold lease was hidden part of the Most Favored Nation grant by Clinton-Rubin Admin

– gold lease was reneged upon, due in 2007 probably, an expected default on gold return

– the subprime loan crisis was probably triggered by the gold lease renege

– China dumped many $billions of Fannie Mae bonds, starting the subprime fire

– gold lease had collateral derivative contract behind it, from Wall Street assets

– an IRS secure stream tax bond was very likely put in place, held by Chinese Govt

– the IRS derivative bond acted like a national aggregate mortgage, putting nation at risk

– Wall Street sold out the US population twice, once with MFN, twice with IRS bond

– speculation that IRS default entitled China to begin the collateral property seizures

– China took control of Wall Street properties such as One Chase Plaza (JPMorgan HQ)

– in all likelihood, China has a significant stake in the Federal Reserve ownership

– China is exercising its collateral seizure rights directly and indirectly

– China is fast converting its vast USTBond holdings into various commercial properties

– China is keeping the US propped up, so that it can convert its USTBond reserves

4. Quantitative Easing and rampant bond monetization, which also cover derivatives is the last act of desperation. Absent creditors put full reliance on hyper monetary inflation. Rather than stimulus, the outcome ruins the Body Economic by killing capital.

– QE forced higher cost structure across the entire global economy

– results in a propped USTreasury Bond market with no integrity, fully controlled

– direct bond monetization plus Interest Rate Swap derivatives keep the USTBond propped

– official debauchery of global currency reserve motivates all nations to depart USDollar

– motivates global initiative to develop and use an alternative to USD in trade and banking

– foreign financial entities respond by hedge against inflation, diversify out of USTBonds

– effects hard felt in food prices, initially for most vulnerable nations

– entire economies have higher cost structure, with immediate business income damage

– final demand prices rising, but kept subdued by business liquidations

– profit margins vanishing slowly but surely, including for gold & silver mining firms

– QE undermines value and integrity of USTreasury Bonds reserves held by nations

– nations have begun to diversify out of all FOREX reserves in sovereign bonds

– economic effect of wrecked capital causes a vicious cycle of economic destruction

– undermined value of bank reserves make a powerful motive to seek USDollar alternative

5. Ukraine War, Iran sanctions, with Syrian adventure and Cyprus actions all had hidden motives. The real factors indicate extreme USDollar weakness. The outcome is isolation for the United States, recognition of war to defend the USDollar, and lost allies. The East will band together to formulate a USDollar alternative, based in a Gold Trade Standard.

– Cyprus was attack to obstruct Russian conversion of USTBonds to Gold

– Russia put on notice, their bank function through the Cyprus window was interfered

– Russia motivated to work with China, in further motivation to form USDollar alternative

– entire EU and NATO put at risk, both alliances to break apart, and isolate United States

– European nations will soon choose commerce over endless war

– Iran sanctions developed immediate workarounds with intermediary parties

– India bought Iran oil, used Turkey as intermediary in gold provision, paid Iran in gold

– the Gold for Oil trade was developed as a working prototype, avoiding USD settlement

– Syrian action made clear to Europe that their energy supply is at risk

– USGovt did not wish for European nations to be supplied by Iran natural gas

– Ukraine forces European nations to cut off energy supply to support King Dollar Regime

– Germany and France are the key nations for defection, choosing commerce over war

– Germany is under the microscope right here, right now

– the United States is going to lose NATO Alliance after damage hits Europe

6. Post-Lehman lashing together of big Western banks was the defensive posture to prevent the weaker banks from faltering. The goal is short-term protection, while the long-term risk is systemic. The QE effect results in weaker economies, which assures the impact of bank failures. They have begun. The outcome is systemic failure of the big Western banks from contagion.

– all big Western banks are tied together, using derivatives

– each big bank has several derivative contracts with a bigger bank for safety measure

– lashing is shipping term, tying men with ropes around waist and ship masts during storms

– if any major banks fail, then risk of contagion is enormous and difficult to halt

– QE has many destinations, mortgage bonds obviously too, but also huge derivative supply

– QE is the biggest backdoor banker bailout in modern history, for Wall Street benefit

– harsh effect, QE undermines the economies which must keep the big banks afloat

– derivative costs to sustain payments has wrecked big bank liquidity

– the big Western banks have been insolvent since 2007

– system cannot manage all the risks, like to intermediaries and mid-sized banks

– watch Portugal’s Banco Espirito Santo and several other banks in Europe

– widespread reports that US banks cannot handle transfers when cash is on back end

– massive illiquidity in US banks has finally hit

7. Refusal to Repatriate German gold was a crime out of the gate. The motive was to conceal the appropriation (re-hypothecation) of German official gold accounts. The Germans are on notice of gold thefts by their own allies. Germany will work with the Eastern superpowers to develop a USDollar alternative and a Gold Trade Standard.

– the refusal event put Germany on notice that their gold was stolen

– perhaps the most significant of all indictments by Germany against US Bankers

– hastily produced wars like in Mali have been fashioned to compensate for gold delivery

– Germany motivated to work with Russia & China on alternative trade settlement

– Germany appears to be crafting four critical global indictments against United States

– Gold fraud, NSA espionage, Gazprom supply cutoff, EuroCB bond monetization

– Germany will leave the Euro, leave the EU, leave NATO, already been decided

– implementation is extremely complicated and will cause extreme bank losses

– critics overlook that Germany has two camps (commercial versus bank/politics)

– Germany will play the losing US hand until population and business leaders call halt

– Merkel premature resignation is shrill signal of winds blowing East from Germany

8. NSA espionage has a false motive to protect from terrorism. The actual motive is to control communications, to monitor anti-USDollar activity, to follow Eurasian Trade Zone progress, and to steal corporate trade secrets. The outcome will be profound US isolation, if not quarantine.

– hardly eavesdropping, the surveillance sparked tremendous distrust for USGovt

– has both political side and corporate trade secret side, with terrorism smokescreen

– the US leadership has no allies, and sees only targets to control and exploit

– Fascists attack enemies, defraud allies, gut banks, exploit subjects, kill economies

– motivates acceleration of alternative to USD in trade and banking

– the United States will be isolated in unspeakable manner like a diseased farm

– the difficult decision will be whether to convert it into a productive vassal state

– the difficult decision will be whether to liquidate the nation and its assets

– the difficult decision will be whether to euthanize its entire leadership elite class

9. Banker murders at middle level are hardly concealed anymore. They no longer appear as suicides. They have some common themes. The motive is to keep the rot concealed. The outcome is to reveal the pervasive widespread financial structure rot and systemic breakdown.

– arouses suspicion, attention, and investigation by the population

– when more than one or two cases, a pattern emerges

– hide JPMorgan’s London Whale and $100 billion in Interest Rate Swap losses

– JPMorgan has biggest common thread in murders, both bankers and insurance heads

– London bankers and Swiss insurance executives have been murdered

– executives, directors, board members all protected at higher level

– lowest level workers know little, did little of systemic criminal nature

– midlevel bankers carried out projects with all the dirty details

– midlevel bankers know too much, like accounts, shell corporations, deals, funnels

– eventually formal investigations will come on patterned murders

10. Punitive motivated prosecution of PNB Paribas, Credit Suisse, Deutsche Bank each has hidden motives at work. They are well concealed. The final chapter of D-Bank attacks will reveal duplicity and corrupted financial structures. The outcome will be to anger Germany, to expose hypocrisy, and to act in forcing the split of Germany away from the US camp.

– each action incites immediate backlash by angry nation

– indications of Credit Suisse action to enable further Arab gold thefts

– forced folding of CS under UBS, where thefts are ongoing by US Bankers

– indications of BNP Paribas action to obstruct USTreasury Bond dumping

– forced folding of BNP under Societe Generale, which resides in the banker cabal

– SocGen already participates in FOREX & Gold market corruption

– French central bank head Noyer pledged to hasten efforts to avoid USD trade usage

– Switzerland is a lost cause of deeply rooted fascist banker thieves

– main Swiss value to East is from vast gold refinery business (recast gold bars)

– imminent USGovt legal attack on Deutsche Bank will be a very fatal error

– Deutsche Bank involved in falsified Euro Monetary Union qualifications (Maastricht)

– duplicity for attack of D-Bank for same violations done by Wall Street

– the double standard used against European banks, not used against US banks

– every big bank attack has a hidden motive in protecting the King Dollar Regime


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