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A Very Active Day Indeed — I’ve Noticed a Change in the Matrix

Being someone who is both highly intelligent and observant, I find myself in the unique position to offer you good insight into markets.

Prior to this week, the play was to buy SHIT stocks up on big volume into the next day. Buy at 3pm, sell at 10pm, rinse and repeat. But that stopped working this week. Instead, and even more degenerate than ever before, INTRA DAY RUNNERS are making traders rich as fuck. The majority of my losses are now overnighters whilst the easy wins take me 30mins to achieve.

I had a CHECKERED day, nothing too great, but I had fun — and that’s important for morale. Without morale, I’d lack motive and without motive, I’d trade poorly.

(TTOO -4.9%)
(BOXL -16%)
(TZA -8.5%) x2
(FNGD -4%)
OPK +7.2%
VCNX +11.3%
OTLK +3.9%
JNUG +4.6%
SPAQ +7.2%
VBIV +7.4%
(SNES -13.5%)
(SUNW -6.6%)

It’s hard to defend against gap down, unless you average down — which doesn’t work all the time. It’s hard to explain what I need to see in order to double down. But it should be noted, I almost never lose.

Markets ended mixed — Dow -62, Nasdaq +32. I think we head higher some more next week, predicated on another stimulus program and COVID-19 related virus plays and social distancing. There are many trading vehicles in this post industrialized world. You just have to know where to find them.

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The media isn’t panicked like before and by extension — we’re not panicked anymore — because 1,000 people per die aren’t dying in NYC. This is the scene in NYC now, as they enter phase 4, full recovery.

Put your fucking medical masks on you piece of shit.

Partying like it’s 1929, martinis in tow, cocaine splayed out across the mirrored table. Over in Miami, everyone is BOGGED out with the flu and the red states — well; they are fucked. But the red states aren’t with paying much attention to. Plus, we all know the 25,000 people dead in NYC was a tragedy, but the people dead in Texas died because they were flu-bros and would not wear a mask.

The SPY is +2, other indices barely lower. It has been another week of spendthrift in the market, retail investors clamoring for the next winner. This is who we are.

Like other old beards, I too expect a comeuppance. All of this excess must lead towards something awful. But I’m not gonna stick around long waiting for it. Today I am closing out my hedges — because they didn’t work and because I’m bored waiting for happenings. By the close of trade, we’ll probably be up another 100 Nasdaqs or so.

Nothing can stop us!

Oh by the way, 77,000 people were diagnosed with COVID-19 — new record!!

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Wrapped Up a Sublime Trading Day 100% in Charge

These were my results.

BE +6.7%
DGLY +17.7%
(FAZ -10%)
(WIMI -5.5%)
BHAT +7.6%
DGLY +11.7%
SONO +6.85%
FUV +3%
AIM +6.8%
JRJC -10%
EAST – wash
(MNK -5.1%)
(PTE -1.2%)
AHPI +9.6%

Most of them were data trades. I am finding the intra day stuff to be working better than overnight holds recently. Maybe this is going to last, maybe not. But there is a FUCKLOAD of volatility and it’s easy to trade this runners.

What is the key with runners?

No fear.

How do we achieve fearlessness when trading bat-shit stocks?

Position sizes.

Each trade is 5% of my portfolio and I usually always sell at max -10%. If you do this, I promise you, trading will become fun again. I aim to win based on the quantity of my wins, not the magnitude of them.

For example, I have an unrealized gain of +50% in WRTC — but it only equates to 230bps in my portfolio. I am fine with this because this is my game. I trade dozens of stocks per week and aim to continue this feverish pace until I am exhausted. It’s easy to lose energy or drive when you are losing. The fastest path to failure is poorly sized positions and improper risk management.

Bottom line: I am not here to teach you, only provide you with fish to eat. But I think you would be wise not to blow yourselves up before deciding to join us in Exodus.


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Slow Day, So I Made It Exciting

See pal, when you get stuck with a bag of lemon, market all down and shit, it’s best not to lament and instead make some high grade lemonade. This is precisely what I did this morning, after gazing into the market and seeing nothing but red bars. I picked myself up, fired up Exodus, and went to work.

Here are my results, thus far.

SIFY +12.1% (overnight)
BE +6.7% (overnight)
DGLY +17.7% (day trade)
(FAZ -10%)
(WIMI -5.5%) (day trade)
BHAT +7.6% (day trade)
DGLY +11.7% (day trade)

I have a few more tricks up my sleeve pal. For the most part, I am a Master Ace Trader (M.A.T.), quite literally the best trade you’ll ever come across in your natural born lives.

On a macro level, I do not like the way the market is trading. However, we’ve got pockets of runners here, so I will continue to take advantage of this seem while it lasts.

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Yeah, we’re down 140. But don’t forget where we came from in the big scheme of things. We could shed 1,000 points and still be in the mid 9,000s on the NASDAQ — an absolute FARCE of a joke. Clown world.

Markets edged lower and everyone is panicked, unsure what to do. I know what to do.

Eat sandwiches.

Sure, your shit stocks are down. But rest assured, they’ll likely come back — unless it’s over. If it’s over — that’s another story. Then you have to go short. But this is high level trading — not the shit you’re doing at Robinhood.

I, on the other hand, have both longs and shorts. I kicked out of SIFY this morning for +12% and BE for +6.7%. I do have some losers on the books, but I am being patient. As you know, if “The Fly” is anything at all — he is a man of extreme patience.

Copper is up, so maybe it’s not all that bad, eh?

China did shed 5% last night and our government really hate them now. But we have a COVID-19 vaccine in the works — a vaccine that no one will take unless MANDATED by govt. How will they force you? They’ll require it in schools and places of employment. GAME. SET. MATCH.

There’e nothing you can do. There’s nothing you could ever do.

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Markets climbed another 200 and change. I don’t even pay attention to detail anymore — and just relegate myself to buying hot stocks towards the end of day for overnight rippers.

Life is a whore and it’s my job to fuck it.

Today’s fish.

SPWR +13.7%
(CEMI -8%)
FTFT – wash
CLNE- wash
MOS +4.6%

I still have some LEVERAGED ETFs and do not like them very much, but I also own a lot of shit — small capped shit that move on the caprices of nothing. No one knows exactly when this clown show will end, but it will. America is 100% finished. You can revisit these remarks in 5 years and somberly reflect upon them, as you lay bleeding on the ground — staring at the Statue of Liberty in flames.

I must go now. I appreciate your visitation of these halls and look forward to more fun times in the market tomorrow.

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DIN, NCLH, CCL, RCL and all of the normal economy stocks are flying today — airlines, eateries — the whole kit and caboodle. This, you should know, is 100% horseshit. States are locking the fuck down and nothing is getting back to normal…ever.

Put your fucking masks on — because the virus is coming and it’s going to destroy America.

Social discord, RACE RIOTS, subjugation of anyone without melanin — these are the narratives that are being woven now. But what is not being talked about is MASSIVE UNEMPLOYMENT, caused by the shut down. Profit margins for all consumer facing businesses are in the tank. Nothing, and I mean nothing, can save the economy from the wrath of cataclysmic profit declines.

While the country feeds from the tit of government, everything seems fine. We are DRAINING the nation and ravaging its balance sheet, and no one cares. As long as stocks trade up, all is fine. Eventually, the DOLLAR WILL COLLAPSE, and I am more sure of this now than ever before. Until then, we jog on and pretend into the foggy night and celebrate over borrowed bottles of Champagne and discuss the future amongst ourselves knowing that it’s all a lie.

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What the fuck? MRNA said they’ve got a bullshit vaccine for COVID-19 now, which, by the way, is partly owned by the NIH. This shit is so experimental, the side effects so severe, you’d literally have to be retarded to take it.

Does the NIH think people will take their vaccine?

Better question is, will they make it mandatory for people?

Damn right they will.

The good times are essentially over. Now get ready for the COLLAPSE of the USA.

I was reading last night, some opinion piece in the LA Time — a proposal to rid this nation of the RACIST Star Spangled banner, God Bless America, and all of the other songs we sing to celebrate the nation. In its place, again from the LA Times, is John Lennon’s communist manifesto “Imagine” and of course LEAN ON ME.

Any questions?

The Nasdaq was +100, now it’s flat.

Back to trading.

Today’s closed trades.

SPWR +13.7%
(CEMI -8%)
FTFT – wash
CLNE- wash

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Markets were getting RANSACKED this morning and we closed up more than 550. Any fucking questions — you fucking faggots?

Let me explain my day.

See pal, there are two types of people in this world. There are those who run into houses and fire and get BURNED and others who run into houses on fire and walk out unscathed. I am that man — the latter.

I stepped in today long RIGL — it halted and quickly fucked me — barreling lower by more than 25%. I had a choice — get burned and meekly shrink from the challenge or rise up and DEPLOY THE MARTINGALE STRATEGEM to this trade.

As you could imagine, I chose the latter.

I stepped in at $3.55 and brought my cost down to $4.12 and then went to lunch. By the time I got back, I looked at my wrist-watch, opened my computer, the stock was over $4.3, so I sold it for a 5.6% profit — a 10% holding. I was not surprised that it had happened, only amused.

I closed out the day 45% cash, of the 55% — 15% short.

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Nasdaq Following Thru On the Downside; The Fly BOGGED

I’ve been trading like shit since yesterday, blowing trades and getting involved in bad ones. I had profits dissipate due to hubris and booked as losses today. Failed breakouts, reverses, and broke lower onto my fucking neck. NOT NICE, especially if the trends are about to change.

(GOGO -8.3%)
(WKHS -7.8%)
FIT +2%
(MVIS -9.4%)


BNTX +8%
(SAVA -12.8%)
(NBY -13%)

I show you these losses to demonstrate that I am in fact human and fallible. I too, like you, do stupid things and get lost sometimes, partake in careless adventures that really piss me the fuck off. When I trade like this, I hate myself. Even my inverses are sucking wind, which reminds me — I need to close them out.

In spite of the NASDAQ diving lower, small caps and banks are strong. Odds are, we reverse higher and splurge again — cuz why not. But we should be going lower — much lower — amidst ruin and violence on your city streets.

I wish I had better insight into Clown World. Alas, I’m just a man trying to juggle bowling pins on slippery ice littered with banana peels.

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