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This is Who I Am Pal

There were those out there who didn’t heed my warnings, but you had ample time to position accordingly. I perfectly navigated both the downside and now the upside and the only thing left for me to do is to revel in my glory and splendor and tell you to fuck off.

Today’s bounty.

Up 3.32% for the session. Annual gains approach +50%: RECOURD HIGHS.

At the moment I’m 100% cash in my trading, enjoying the fruits of my labor.

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  1. 2 wheels

    It has been a great run this week! It had some tailwinds with the dollar going down as well as the 2/10 year. In the short term, we might see a pause here as all the major indices approach the downtrend line that started in early August. If it bursts right through that, that would be pretty bullish. If we pause, could very well pick up again soon if dollar/rates continue dropping because now we have positive seasonal forces in play as well. Hope you’re all having fun!

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