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I will make this brief because I do not have time to talk to any of you.

This is not an opinion but an announcement based on fact. The doom and gloomers have been dispatched and their heads cut off. The Biden Bull Market is back with full compliments — highlighted by grandiose and eloquent price action into the final hour of trade cajoled me into the largest bullish positions in centuries, for yours truly.

I carved out gains of +207bps — but my real focus is on tomorrow. Into the weekend, a time and place when anything can happen, I do not want as much long exposure as I have now. The seasonal trends are in fact ROBUST — but we mustn’t believe the extension of the rally will proceed without pauses and bumps along the way.

The green light is visible amidst the din of yellow cocktail music. Do not permit your intense inner hatred falsely color your outlook on equities in the short term. You’d be wise to remember that I am the most bearish man in America and have switched sides, albeit temporarily, in order to finance my operations.

Can I be wrong here and markets head back lower?

Absolutely not.

Good day.

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  1. rigged game

    The guy with the strong British accent is reading your stuff again.
    He sure doesn’t sound like someone who grew up in tough NYC.

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