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18 years in Wall Street, left after finding out it was all horseshit. Founder/ Master and Commander: iBankCoin, finance news and commentary from the future.


Do not fuck with me, as I am an ethereum millionaire who possesses the foresight to understand the trends and also the lines and also all of the others things that make for a great investor. I both HODL and trade because I am man of multiple tasking abilities and someone, I might add, who is involved in this moment of grande asset collections and rising of the olde net worth. I will have you know, as it may be, that I also have warmed to the raping city of Savannah, in spite of its numerous indecorous troglodytes sifting throughout the city, especially around the edges. I had toured the cemetery and I must admit it was the finest cemetery experience I’ve ever had, even though it’s entirely morbid to say so. To drive thru Bonaventure cemetery is a disservice. You must walk through it to understand the experience I speak of.

Presently I am long ETH, LINK, MKR, AAVE, REP and have a large trading position in ADA. I do all of this because I can and I will continue to do it until it stops working.

On the other hand, while I was away traversing the garbaged streets of Savannah, I made 53bps in my brokerage — mostly due to my FNGU position. Stocks in comparison to cryptos are boring now — but we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past, hoping for an effervescent magnificence to shine through all of the black smoke shrouding stocks from its former glory.

With regards to Stocklabs:

We are operational. Our thousand plus members are inside testing it out and enjoying its many comforts and space aged tools. Since I am on vacation, we have delayed beta trials until next week. During this period, we are NOT accepting new Exodus members. If you want to try SL for free for 5 days, sign up to the beta and wait for your invite. We have two pricing tiers, one for basic and another pro — ranging from $59 – $99 p/m. The project started two years ago and it has exceeded everything I ever wanted it to be; but the work isn’t done. Unlike every other fuckhead who attempts a data platform, I have the pedigree and the expertise to make it work for real and trade for a living and make tools for my trading, not to appeal to retards from Twitter. The markets haven’t been great the past month. But, I find solace in knowing I have traded great before and will trade great again. Nothing you will ever learn can replace the fish I serve on a daily basis and no one can ever match my indomitable command of market trends; but I will never teach you anything on purpose. So if you’re looking for a place to chill and learn, fuck off.

Back to the streets of Savannah.


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The Vaccine, FANG, Wheeled Chaired Vampires, and $ADA

The more I use fancy Airbnb’s the more I miss hotels. Unlike Airbnb’s, hotels are run by professionals who understand how to clean and keep things in order. Plus you don’t have to deal with homeless men haranguing you for spare quarters whilst trying to unpack your shit at 10pm in the dark.

I’m only buying FANG stocks now, own a massive ADA trading position in cryptos, and have negative feeeeeeelings against the vax. The market is shit, overall, so I’m opting for the biggest capped tech. The cryptos markets have busted loose, so I’m opting for a high beta big cap approach to crypto. The COVID-19 virus doesn’t scare me, because I’ll never get it and the vaccine all but guarantees I’ll get sick from the vaccine so no thanks.

See bro, it’s not about trusting the science, because I do. It’s also not about being scared of needles, because I’m not. I just don’t care that much for elderly fat fucks. My uncle died from COVID, BUT we weren’t allowed to see the body and NYC swept him into one of their mass burial programs, so I assume he was a crisis actor and is now living somewhere nice amidst plush scenery.

If you get the vax, great for you. You’re doing your best to herd yourselves into the barn so that society can get back to stuffing their fat fucking faces with donuts and living out weakly late into their 80s, draining the youth of their future, like ancient vampires in wheeled chairs. I respect your decision to vaccinate yourselves and willingly get sick because, bro, COVID is a killer and my god the death toll is nothing less than staggering. We haven’t seen a death toll like this since the Black Death wiped out 1/3rd of Europe and I am grateful for the “heroes” who work at hospitals for expediting the demise of so many people who would otherwise drain society like wheeled chaired vampires.

Nevertheless, I’m still not taking the fucking vaccine…bro.

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I’ve Arrived at my Destination, Entreated By the Homeless of this Vagrant City

Perhaps in the morning I will warm to the boarded up building I parked my rented minivan in front of; or I might begin to enjoy peanut butter and jelly chicken wings and panned cake tacos of fried chicken and strawberries FESTOONED with white sauce on it. I can eagerly report back to you that General Sherman would’ve done the citizens of Savannah a great mercy had he decided to simply burn the town down and salt the earth.

I do enjoy to look upon the SPANISH MOSS’d trees and the old buildings made during an era when people cared about craftsmanship. However beautiful this city may be, it is crawling with potential rioters and homeless men of a sordid demeanor, reeking of cheap gin. I would be wise to leave. However, I am stuck here for several days, before heading back to Charleston for a day, in this Airbnb that looked much better in the photos, domiciled in one of the less than savory parts of town. My wife wanted to accompany me to park the car, for fear I’d be shot and then robbed. I told my daughter “if that should happen to me, it’d make for a fine origin story for you to become Batman and then seek vengeance on the city of Savannah and finally burn it down.”

Maybe tomorrow will be better.

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Bubble Stocks in FREEFALL As Fly Vacation Looms

Here we go again. I leave for enjoyment and markets collapse thru the floorboards. It’s the age old tale that keeps repeating itself, haunting me as I traverse this plane.

I sold all of my down stocks this morning in attempt to stem the tide. Too late, already down 160bps. Both cataclysm and doom is around the bend. I am tempted to trade, but should not, as I will be on the road for the next 5hrs.

I can do nothing now but watch, as I sink into oblivion or rise due to miracle.

I am 67% cash, halfway angered, halfway amused by the circumstances of the market. If we are following the 2014 pattern, we bounce hard in May and then collapse again. The overall market is fine. The problem we have now are within the once very fun and very overvalued bubble stocks.

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There has always been some confusion about my writing and now my tweets. Some believe it is simply a wanton display of bias or talking my book. Nothing could be further from the truth. I’m well past the age of giving a fuck and I really have no one to impress. While I’ve never reached BILL HWANG levels of success, I’m somewhat content with my level of work and now just spend my days and nights either trading, building Stocklabs, or creating fear into the hearts and souls of everyone who reads me. Through this fear, you will begin to be hardened and when the fires come, and they will come believe me, their blazing malevolence will not engender any emotion inside you. You will be prepared, all thanks to yours truly.

My writing is my writing and my trading is another thing, always has been and will be.

On the topic of ETH, I’ve been the most bullish on this crypto for over a year now and have amassed some massive gains thru my monthly purchases programme. I’ve expanded that program in Jan, 2021, to include other alt coins: REP, AAVE, LINK, UNI, and MKR.

Presently I have trading positions in EOS and MANA, as well as a small one in STOR. I had one in BSV, but sold it at 6am today. As you can see, I keep myself quite busy.

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I closed out the week up 50bps, having absconded with another 50bps today. It was a grande circle jerk, as I fell victim to the rotation out from good stocks and into bullshit big ones. I am saddened by this, even though I know its for the best. Gone are the halcyon days of two months ago, when stocks would pump and after they pumped, they’d pump some more.

We’re all getting teary eyed and sentimental about this evil shift out from PLUG and back into AMZN. This market is now controlled by old money managers and RIA’s who are allocating on behalf of their high net worth clientele. Real stocks with real earnings are seemingly and incredibly in favor.

What is a trader to do but follow this trend? I have tried over and over again to catch the wave of our former glorious momo stocks and no one does it better than me and yet all I could muster is 50bps for the week.

Come Monday I depart for vacation to Savannah, GA and will not blog too often or trade and I am hoping CATACLYSM strikes as I am away. Even though, and this goes without saying, I closed the session with just 11% cash. Whatever.

My quant was up more and actually made 35bps in gains so far. YTD, the quant is crushing the Nasdaq, +21% v 7%.


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Markets Are “Up” Again

Bubble stocks are getting hit again — cause Credit Suisse probably had another 100b shares of VIAC to sell, AT THE MARKET. This sort of tape is exactly how people get BLOWN THE FUCK OUT.

Let me offer a scenario.

You keep trying to recapture your former glory, chasing yesterday’s stocks, hoping you could just recover what you once had. You chase the dream into the streets where obstacles are in your way. The overcast is thick with black smoke and chards of metal are bustling thru the increasingly grimy city streets. You see a light and it looks like your dream, so you chase it into the city catacombs. You can almost see it and in your mind you’re thinking about all of the great things you’ll do once you get it. If only you could have it back, all of it back, you’ll look and feel better.

You finally corner the dream and it’s almost yours now. There is no place else for it to run. You dive for it with all of your energy and physicality and all you see in front of you is a blinding light and then nothing.

The whole city got destroyed.

The end.

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I’m Exposed

I didn’t heed my own advice and went all in again — hoping for just 1 more day. Alls I need is one more day to make it right — to get me back to annual highs.

I am all in and slightly on margin, long a pastiche of nonsense, from SPACs to SNAP. I have it in me to see it through, just like I had it in me to blow myself to smithereens in 2014. But that was a long time ago and I have since learned much, especially when it comes to position sizing and taking losses.

I closed the session in a sweat, and made just 30bps for my effort.

By tomorrow we shall know if Le Fly is victorious in this gambit or sliding back down the stripper pole into a hard cold surface, replete of any money.

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We’re Fighting Hard Now to Reclaim Former Glory

It wasn’t supposed to be like this. Jim Biden was going to usher in a new era of equanimity and prosperity via CLEAN energy and the titans of industry were to applaud him and his grandeur, the king of kings — at the head of all tables. But in recent weeks and frankly more than a month, we’ve been entreated with nothing but doom. Even after the spectacle of stimmy checks and vaccined promises of a better tomorrow, markets have remained, inexorably, in turmoil.

Breadth has improved since this mornings malformed opened. We are up 113 NASDAQS, but the average Joe is now starting to participate. I wonder if this is one of those rug pulls that will make me rue the day I was born, or something of a beginning? Will this increase in verve by tomorrow, or complete reverse and disappoint?

I have positioned for a run and am quickly running out of cash reserves. My gains all minimal, flat really, but I am deeply in the black with hope for a bright tomorrow, windmills and people coughing into each other’s faces for sport.

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I was fooled into a series of blunders this morning. Instead of selling out from my profitable position, up 50bps at the open, I bought more — thanks to Bubble stocks rallying hard at the open. It was and still is my belief that if bubble stocks are rallying, a general overall market rally is just beyond the bend.

Instead of enjoying the fruits of my labour, I now labor in the market, down 60bps, not immune to the CATACLYSM that is seeping thru, ever so gently but pervasively, into the market. I have been fooled; but the day isn’t done and I would bet my entire life, as stupid as that is, that we should rally effervescently today like the warm springs of Georgia — bringing joy and fortune to all those involved.

Overall market breadth is DREADFUL. Small caps are down. However, we are in fact approaching oversold and I believe with all of my wit and spirit that we shall rally. I call upon all of the stock gods, both old and new, to make this happen, in order to assist in the building of my Orbital Space Cannon (OSC), ushering in a new era of anger and demise onto this planet — the likes not seen and endured since the Middled Ages.

I am 40% cash, a bit of an insurance policy in the event the Gods ignore my prayers. I will, however, add to my positions throughout the day — should they sink further into the black morass of loss.

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