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We will not pass judgement upon the masses and pretend to be sanctimonious in our opinions of one another. Once again we are polarized to the point of good v evil and the evil seems to be winning, in what seems to be a nonsensical long term plan to exterminate the human species, or at least part of it. While these forebodings might assuage those with mental maladies, I cannot for the life of me believe a plot this sinister can ever exist, judging by 30,000 years of evolutionary greatness which has resulted in mankind pretending to visit the moon and website moguls in cowboy hats pretending to visit “space” at an altitude of 66.6 miles high.

What we, as investors, need to be interested in is how all of this dialogue and controversy will affect our portfolios. I consume plenty of information, but I reserve my energy towards actions that can tangibly improve my life, eschewing crusades that would only serve to impugn me. That said, it is clear to me with all of the break-thru infections and escalating COVID cases around the world — it is very likely we will lock down again. Look at Australia — locked down with just 1 COVID death in 2021.

Can we absorb another lockdown and what will it do to stocks?

Believe it or not, I do believe this will be BULLISH for stocks, perhaps not in the beginning but eventually, especially after MOAR stimulus is issued and people get to trading COVID and lockdown plays again.

I cannot help but to lament being alive during this time period as a parent and hate that I am forced to live under such conditions. But I do not posses and army and find myself unable to genocide at this present time, so I am forced to adapt to their world view. This is the path humans have chosen to take — ZOOM calls and masks forever, new and experimental vaccines with promises of healthfulness in spite of overwhelming evidence to the contrary. Statistics are skewed and the data simply is filled with half-truths, only believed by the very truest believers, polarized incredibly to the point of abject stupidity by 4 years of Trump derangement syndrome. Let’s not forget, these vaccines all started under Trump and everything he did was stupid and half-baked and now we have a zombie President who doesn’t know what decade he is in.

We can make extreme fortunes if another lockdown comes. Vaccines will be mandated and new vaccines with new delivery systems will be unveiled. Vaccine passports will be mandated as well and people will be told when they can shop for food. Why this is happening is beyond my comprehension — and I do not pretend to believe in any of the Alex Jones theories with any real seriousness. I find that when I guess at things and try to understand things cynically, I am prone to err. Instead of guessing and postulating, I will continue to tweet out facts and cases and post trading ideas here, for this is my way of coping — grappling to the one thing I know well and can control.

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Mega Cap Up

I booked a gain of 15bps today in a do nothing session for me, other than to place myself in mega and tera cap stocks for Monday. The move here is to avoid small caps like the COVID and instead get into tera caps in a big way. The division between the classes can best be seen here and poor people are losing again.

Names like CRM, GOOGL, FB, PINS and NVDA will continue to march higher, especially as we encroach into the difficult months of the year — summer doldrums.

You will not enjoy trading in small caps and you will rue the day you decided to avoid this advice. If you are inside Stocklabs you will see me trading small caps for sure, over the coming weeks and months. But I operate on a micro-time scale and most of you FUCKS are not able to keep up. So if you’re interested in my BIG BRAINED galaxy thoughts it is this: Go Nasdaq and big cap. Remain an obedient buyers of ETH every month and let’s revisit by Fall.


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Thank God I did not hold TAL overnight. The nightmare you all knew would come one day is here. China has banned foreign investment into their educational sector. Coming off their 100% RAPING of DIDI investors by forcing them to STOP DOING BUSINESS right after they IPOd, one has to wonder WHY THE FUCK ARE WE STILL ALLOWING ANY CHINESE STOCKS TO IPO here and more importantly — what the fuck is China doing? This is a grievous assault on American investors. Where the fuck is the SEC? Why aren’t we hearing rumblings in the Senate?


If I was long any of these names, I’d be seething right now. This isn’t right and head should roll for this. What heads should roll is anyone’s guess. Life has been difficult enough for people than having to deal with this absolute nonsense.

As to why China wants foreign, specifically AMERICAN, investment into their education stocks is 100% understandable. American culture and education is toxic and shit — lead by fagLORDS whose goal is to mind-rape the minds of the youth, in order to indoctrinate them into their perverted and degenerate way of thinking. The problem with American education and more or less ALL WESTERN education, is that the mantra is the same across the board and none of it is consistent with national interests. It is a Trojan horse into destabilization. Knowing that, I do not blame China for what they’re doing. But it’s just fucked up to see it. Then again, I suppose China thinks people who make 5 years olds put condoms on bananas are fucked up people too, so there’s the rub.

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I have come to the conclusion that the only sensible investment stratagem is to prepare for doom — due to the real tangible and dark shadow looming over the market. Every news item regarding COVID break outs and throughs are met wit angst. VAXXERS and ANTI-VAXXERS will draw pistols on one another soon and the vaccine itself will begin to adversely affect immune systems this fall, paving the way for the WORST WAVE yet. The vaccines have not worked and useful idiots are working overtime to ensure everyone is dosed properly and prepared to re-dose indefinitely to remove the pox of COVID upon our world.

We play this via LOCKDOWN stocks, social distancing, and of course vaccine and therapeutic drug plays. I am going to trade around them and do not intend to hold them long — but I will revisit this well repeatedly and I think you should too, especially since COVID is spiking in the warm weather when lots of sun is available to people. I can only imagine what looms this fall after 70% of the American people have bene dosed with immune compromisers and another “variant” which is no more than 0.3% genetically different from original COVID makes its ways up and down the east coast, spreading west like a wildflower in bloom.

I recovered more than half my losses, ending down just 130bps and up in my other accounts.

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The Wins Have Stopped

Just when I started to become obnoxious, right at the precipice, I have been placed back into my place — bogged lower by 270bps. I was supposed to liquidate it all at the open, but balked because I saw my +50bps pre market gains turn to breakeven or small loss. I then waited around for “something to happen” and that turned into hope and now here I am getting the business — all because I needed to be right.

I shuffled some things around and took in some larger capped stocks — but that hasn’t worked either. I haven’t been trading, other than getting raped and taking losses. So now I am in a sit and wait mode, like a cuckold, praying to the Gods for respite.

But I know, the Gods never reward meekness and prayers and instead throw spears thru people like that and burn them as sacrifices. What I will end up doing is selling everything, heading to cash, and then trying over tomorrow. If I sell it all today, I will not risk more than 3 positions at a time because my losses are already heinous for the session.

MTD, my gains have been TRIMMED to +2.6%.

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The Wins Keep Coming In

I made just 76bps today, another genteel return — already adding to a rather genteel 5% monthly return. With just a handful of days left in July, I endeavor to revel in my own glory and press my gains to 10%. It is all but a forgone conclusion at this point — my gains are my own doing — almost at will.

To those who keep selling short, dare I say stop doing that.

After two big up days, following a severe oversold condition, expect normal trading patterns spearheaded by short squeezes. If BTC-ETH can truly recover, all thanks to Lord Elon Musk’s approval, then we might really get some risk taking in the market, especially in names like MSTR — of which I am long.

Heading into the bulk of earnings season, I expect nothing but upside without any pause or need for affirmation. From my vantage point, the sole thing that might dislodge market is of course a pandemic and potential lockdown, which of course is impossible now that most have already received the very effective and safe non approved vaccines.

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Markets Rip Roaring Higher, Best Market Ever

COVID-19 has ended again and people are walking around freely without mask, filled with blood clots. The world as we know it, more or less, is back to normal again — at least for those fully vaccinated. The good news keeps getting better. All major VAXX makers are working on a next dose and also considering MONTHLY boosters, in order to fend off the scourge of flu. According to VAERS, which is usually only 1/100th the true sample size, 10,900 deaths have occurred in the US since the vaccines began, upwards of 1.2m injuries. In short, according to statistics, 100k people have died thanks to the vax, bros.

But don’t worry. I am sure the data is wrong, and filled with liars and right wing white nazis. Plainly, we simply cannot afford not to vax, given all of the horrendous deaths and mayhem.

Stocks are enjoying the warm summer climes today, a beach day if I’ve ever seen one. I am +125bps, trading lightly and without risk.

Into the bell, my YOLO account will go “all in” on one ETF as it does every single day, based on the Stocklabs algorithms and I’ll likely buy a bunch of stuff for the morning pump. I am fond of gold here, crypto derivatives and maybe even oil.

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Month Two of Down Cryptos — Have You Been Buying?

Prior to two months ago, cryptos had been up 10 months straight, topped off with a frenetic run in shit coins whereby all of the unwashed plebs made and then eventually lost fortunes. We are removed from that ugliness now and ETH is hovering around $1920. I dare ask: have you been accumulating MOAR during this dip?

Nothing’s over and the bull run is going to be very long and deep. The perfidious rally amongst the SHIT COINS worked as planned and now all of the poors and back to their housing tenements and all of the BTC is back into the hands of those who know how to treat it. I’ve been buying the past two months and will continue to buy more into all of the FUD. Remember, buying ETH isn’t so much a bet on “the future” or even an alt-currency. It is a currency hedge against all of those dollars you have stashed away — just in case an event occurred that could, dare I say, render them valueless. You might be thinking right now “ABSURD FLY — how dare…” but then again have you even seen negative $37 WTI before?

Onto the markets: Stocklabs called the bottom nicely and now we’re swimming gently and without current. I am +75bps, a little ribald but not too much. I have some trades on now, but still hold a tremendous amount of cash. I am almost never fully long and when I am it’s for a short duration. The gains I’ve achieved, +220% YTD, have been gotten mostly in cash, believe it or not. I do not try to hit homeruns, but instead a non-stop and constant barrage of singles, 1% here, 5% there. If I can make 10% for the month, I am thrilled. The goal here is two fold: feed the fish to the Pelicans inside Stocklabs and of course build MASSIVE wealth over a long period of time. Life is long and there are many surprises yet to come. It’d be a shame if I wasn’t around for future fun, financially, so I make it a point to remain solvent and always involved one way or another.

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Never Bet Against the Double Mean Reversion Algorithm

Over in Stocklabs, us good folks were entreated to not one but two SYSTEM WIDE OS signals the past two days — an ULTRA-RARE DICKED event that makes one look thricely and stop everything and pay attention.

We of course partook, long TNA and other leveraged ETFs into the fucking sun, profiting handsomely from the event like all good top hatted men of this century is supposed to.

I have been out all day, but felt it was my duty to pen this blog so that none of you would comment or care about the contents. I do this because it is my job — just like it is your job to trade poorly and make fools out of yourselves on social media — BECLOWING oneself with cheap vaudeville jokes and ham and egg stunts. Le Fly is above all that and prefers to be alone, in a blog, surrounded by enemies.

Tomorrow we have more upside to enjoy and I am certain, as the Gods are my witness, I will be back here tomorrow with even more to boast about.

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Mean Reversion Bounce — Do We Trust It?

Hard choice here. On paper, this looks good. Breadth is over 80%, stocks are flying — powering up in a variety of sectors. Stocklabs was oversold the past two days, a signal rarely seen and when they come they are always money. But it never feels good and this time is always different.

In other news, super vaccinated Nancy Pelosi has COVID-19. But don’t worry. The vaccine was never intended to actually stop COVID, but instead stop people from dying. In other news news, 40-60% of hospitalized COVID patients in England, depending on which source of propaganda you choose, have been doubled vaxxed.

My point is, where are enjoying a warm respite, like a long leak in the woods after a hard night of drinking. But will it last? I cannot say. Best thing to do, in almost all facets of life, is to enjoy the moment.

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