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I was doing so well up until Tim Apple talked down the market with his unimpressive phone, which is HIGHLY RADIOACTIVE according to French officials. They have halted sale of the phone — likely because it gives you cancer.

Moving on, I ended up losing 1.15% like a loser. BUT, to make amends, I really got short towards the end of the session, hedged only by some oils. I like the idea, if you would indulge me, of out of control crude prices and a zero bid Nasdaq. That would really teach those bastards a lesson, perhaps two.

Being perfectly honest with my strongly biased opinions here, I really do believe markets are on the verge of FESTOONING the fuck lower. By Hallow’s Eve, you’ll all be adorned with serial killer masks and beating one another for toilet paper rolls — as the Biden Administration locks the fuck down due to a climate emergency of the first order. See, it’s getting hot outside and those fucking iced caps are gonna melt — turning flyover country into coastal properties.

Keep an eye on the US 10yr and WTI. Those two are connected and the more pressure applied to the bond markets the greater the likelihood we might get RENEWED INFLATION and subsequent collapse of the entire financial system.

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  1. macpatton

    you need to read more carefully.. It’s the iPhone 12 that is emitting

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  2. bob smith

    “Drunken Angel”…

    Love the melody but don’t have a clue what the lyrics mean. I’m a doofus like that.

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