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Many of the meme stocks got hammered into fucking pieces from their session highs, many closing 30 to 40% OFF THE HIGHS. This is what you get when retarded people without class or a modicum of expertise enter the fray, inexorably to get bogged down in the very worst stocks known to mankind.

If you think about it and I mean really really think about: you are doing exactly what the elite want you to do, take your hard earned money and toss is stupidly into fires. Instead of creating generational wealth that can position your offspring to compete, you instead opted to do final combat in a shitty movie theatre or gaming stock. This is why we are here: subjugated and under the yoke of malevolent people both censored and oppressed because those on the right LACK RESOURCES and are generally poor.

When I say “poor” I do not mean it in the literal sense, as some of you have expertise and make a decent living. But you are spiritually bankrupted and depraved, a shadow of the person your grandfather was, mostly due to comfort.

Hard times make good men and I’m afraid the lot of you imbeciles will not learn the lessons needing to be learned via a meme stock short squeeze, but instead when you’re relegated into obscurity broken and cast upon the rocks of hardship.

True wealth is built over a generation or two, passed down through the bloodline to be used for education, activism, business etc. The idea you are doing to beat “the man” by way of making $GME run higher, run by retarded CEO Ryan Cohen, is in fact laughable.

I closed the session +79bps, long a pastiche of shit but also 70% cash.

Good day.

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