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Meme Stock Traps

A cursory look at the market and you will find many “meme stocks” lifting off. Stocks like $AMC, $KOSS, $GME, $BYON, $VFS and $RDDT are all up double digits. The market is littered with stocks flying off the shelves, juxtaposed against the former boring tape of last week with many conservative tech stocks trading lower.

Shares of $NVDA are +0.38% today.

I just tried to bag a trade in $OKLO and quickly saw myself down 6.5%, ending up selling for a loss of 3.5%. When day trading, those sort of drawdowns all but ruin a day. I was up 59bps before that stupid fucking trade and am now clinging onto gains of 30bps. I am 87% cash.

My issue with stepping back into the tape with most of my money is the fact that people seem to have lost their fucking minds, collectively bidding up stocks because Roaring Kitty is tweeting again. While I respect him and loved the era he presided over, this is not a reason to chase $LMND up double digits, or buy $GME up 70% for the day.

All things considered, if this wakes people up and creates a tidal wave of risk, I will be appreciative. But for now, these seem more like traps and opportunities to build some wealth.

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    r u gay ?

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  2. txchick57

    + 950 basis points today. Mostly due to AMC. Ribald gains indded.

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