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Shorts are having their cocks eaten for them this morning. It’s populism but with a capitalistic twist. Mad lads heading out there and voting with their money to destroy the elite. I know some of you do not think this way —- but rest assured that’s exactly what $GME and $AMC +100% mean.

The elite might hate us but we also hate them. Whenever and wherever the battlefield is to the advantage of the common man —- they will eat the rich.

That being said, heavily shorted stocks are +7% on a median basis today and it’s not just GME. It’s names like $BIG $SPWR $PLCE or $HOLO.

Hedge fund managers are covering their shorts en masse now, ahead of any squeeze — for fear their positions might be targeted next. It’s literally open season now.

I sold all at the open except for 1 position: $RUM, which I’m hoping will also undergo a short squeeze, especially since it’s heavily shorted and also hated by elites for providing the plebs with a venue to exercise free speech.

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    Bitcooin and miners next?

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