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I see lots of things that make me believe “this is it — this is the fucking crash”. But then I kindly and quietly remind myself the trannies in DC always win and the banksters in NYC always find a way out and rig this market higher.

I’m up 15bps thanks to a very light and hedged book. I’d go 100% short here only if I was insane. Since I like money and making it, I’ll probably remain in cash and then look to buy dips here.


We are oversold. In spite of pax Americana being over, they always find a way to save the stock market. This time will be no different from the others. HOWEVER, I am open to suggestion and might even acquiesce to my more carnal feeeeeeelings should rates begin to jimmy higher.

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  1. metalleg

    Fed mouthpiece hinting of a rate cut in 3….2….1

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