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Collapse or Melt Up?

I think it’s important we discuss the difference between the American businessman and the government. Your average businessman doesn’t give a fuck about politics. His goal is to increase shareholder value, create a nice environ for his employees, and leave a legacy. The government by definition is PARASITIC — feeding off the businessman to fix things — solely for the purposes of getting re-elected. Since we are in late stages corrupt Pax Americana — we see government meddle much more and tend to assign our hatred to markets because of it. But remember, the progression of our civilization and tributes to the greatness of them built grand cities and things that helped people live better and longer. The government didn’t do that — you did.

The loser gets angry at successful people and rattle their fists and demand government seize their money to “give everyone else a chance.” WRONG. Even with insane levels of nepotism in America — capitalism is and always will be the best form of government. All you need to do is leave people alone and they will create wonderful things.

In America, we do not give people chances — those people need to take it — at least that’s how it used to be. I suppose now we are delving into Reverse Darwinism, rewarding the weak whilst suppressing the strong. This is why I believe Pax Americana is over. But my point remains — people good, government wholly and absolutely bad.

Bulls will point to the market and cry “we are oversold — you must buy stocks.” While I do agree, we are extended to the downside in the short term, long term we are wayyyyyy the fuck up.

The bears will point to Mitch McConnell, Biden and all of the other fucking retards and say “this cannot last — sell short now.” But to fade Biden is to vote him out — not to sell short $AAPL. I think we all get confused about that some times. This isn’t Trumpenomics or Bidenomics — this is American ingenuity.

I only wanted to say these things because they’re true and also because I regularly shit on stocks and call for their demise. This doesn’t mean I won’t still do that. I do believe the interest rate issue is a far greater calamity than Joe Biden will ever be.

Into the close, I might bulk up on secular stocks with a hedge.

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