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Back in NYC

I dropped my daughter off in college at Boston, bought he some supplies and made sure she was all set. Whilst at two different $CVS stores inside the city, I bore witness to 4 people ransacking the place without ramifications. In the last looting I witnessed, a small Asian security guard made a large black homeless looter leave, but without giving back his loot.

We then circled down to my favorite niche place in the northeast, Stonington, CT and Mystic, CT — both splendid places with genteel people and no looting.

After several more hours of drive, I am now at a family members house directly on the shithole island of Manhattan. It took me 2hrs to find a parking spot and I’m exhausted.

Tomorrow we will take my mother in law to do whatever she wants to do, shopping, visiting sites, making sure she’s ok. We’ll be here for a few days and then I’ll go to see my mother, sister, cousin and then back down south by Wednesday.

Basically I won’t be trading or blogging too much. In case you’re thinking I’m enjoying myself in luxury and comfort, just know that I’m not and instead imposed upon with a dreadful penance. But I’m ok with that, because I’m accustomed to toil and do not feel comfortable when comfortable.

Off to shower and then bed.


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  1. metalleg

    I will be in Manhattan tomorrow too. If I happen to see a man who looks like the man above with the pipe, I will be sure not to acknowledge him and keep walking whilst staring down at the pavement.

    It’s going to be very hot a humid in NYC tomorrow so you’ll get the very best of NY during your short time here.


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