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You must believe me when I say that I spent an entire day in a personal hell, a series of events thrusted upon me in what appeared to be sadistic ritual — but it wasn’t. For some, it was just another day — spending quality time with the very worst person alive today — a person as we speak staking out his own house in secret in order to catch prospective burglars for the purpose of shooting them dead. This is a person who used to convinced cocaine dealers in the old days to cook it into crack to affix 20 yr sentences to them out of fun. When he got back from his 2nd of 4th tours to Iraq — he boasted about all of the people he killed and even showed me the pictures of dead body trophies of his. As a boy, he told me he used to drown cats for sport, so pardon me if I stick to the point that this is the worse person alive today — and I’m related to him by marriage.

Aside from that, I had my first meal at 11pm, drove around stupid and insane mountain ranges with little fucking windy roads built by morons for hours, fearing I’d splash into one of the walls and over the top and down below, innumerable times. Then, after reaching Manhattan again, I was entreated to thick plumes of marijuana and water hydrants busted open and children robbing people in the streets and people milling about high on fucking crack and all sorts of degenerate shit.

It’s true, I don’t like degenerate shit and I don’t like being around it either. It’s also true I have to wake the fuck up before 7am to move the fucking car and then spend another 2 hrs fighting lunatics for another one.

Luckily I leave this hell hole tomorrow for another one: Brooklyn and then Staten Island.

I can’t even think about markets.

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    Which mountains ? New bride wants to see east coast foliage in the Fall

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