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A boring tape is a tape you do not sell short. Although the NASDAQ is lower today, I’d venture that this is, ahead of a holiday extended weekend, nothing more than the calm before the storm.

I am, at the moment, fully long without hedges. I might grab a hedge by the close — but probably not. I depart for Boston and then NYC, so I will be busy catching planes and making sure Mrs. Fly doesn’t make me late.

Barring a late day collapse, I made more than 3% for the week, a refined move higher after weeks of surrender. I look forward to re-establishing the long tradition of winship back at these confines. It should be noted that Stocklabs nailed the trough on 8/16 and those following the signal made coin without having to break a sweat.

I wish you all well and hope you find happiness and fortune in this market. But just know that whatever salients of success you progress through pale in comparison to what The Fly transcends into on a regular basis. It’s good for you that I, as a point in fact, discuss markets in a public venue so that, perhaps you, might glean from me small tidbits of greatness and wisdom — like chum bandying around a great white shark.

Signing the fuck off — happy Labor Day work slobs — be well.

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  1. belly of the beast
    belly of the beast

    When you drive into hell, don’t forget to pick up some kielbasa at Steve’s on Nassau Ave.
    I’ll be on Leonard St. with my binoculars and autograph book. They have take out hot buffet now.

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