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Ripping Close — November Starts Off With Pageantry

I managed to correct earlier mistakes and position into the final hours correctly, higher by 62bps in trading +252bps in best ideas account and +135bps in the Quant. My feelings are largely irrelevant, as I tend to hate markets all the time but force myself to adhere to trends.

We are in November. Thanksgiving and Xmas is ahead. We will not trade lower.

That said, it’s still a traders market and if you entered today long big caps you were cucked, forced to see idiots bank inside pennies whilst you did exactly nothing. This trend isn’t new and we’ve been meandering from pennies to tera caps on a regular basis now. It is RARE to see everything up all at once, as Mother Markets works overtime to fuck with people even in bull tapes.

I closed almost filly invested, 15% cash reserves, without any after hours runners in my designs because I could not make up my mind what to buy. In the end, I underperformed because I traded poorly but I still managed to make coin. Into tomorrow I’ll be hard pressed not to sell the morning again, as I do not trust the tape and have been conditioned to absorb morning fades. Nothing about investing in the momentum portion of the market has been easy. If played right, it can be rewarding — but it’s not easy, not now.

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