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A Never Sell Stock Approaches: Black Rifle Coffee

It’s rare when I like something immensely to the point of never wanting to sell it. Such is the case with today’s SPAC SBEA upon news of acquiring Black Rifle Coffee company. Although led by neocon scum and the preferred coffee of Bill KRISTOL, I cannot help to recall both vivid and fond memories of Luckin coffee before the fraud and subsequent demise.

Accounting fraud aside, I cannot remember a time when a coffee stock did not work out.

I bought the stock today and am telling you fuckers now because I don’t think I’ll ever sell. Look at me, I work at the company now.

Life is about balance, doing shit that feeeeeeeeels good and burning down factories when they’re in your way. This investment feeeeeeeels right to me and I’m a very emotional man, always to and fro, harping on this or that. On occasion I am emphatic, as is the case now.

In other news, we’ve lost our god damned minds. CAR more than doubling because MUH ELECTRIC CARS.


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  1. edge

    Hf! CAR Nov 220 calls up 8800% presently.
    Here I sit in LI and NIO.
    Blockchain stonks running.

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  2. edge

    A busy but not stressful day for me. BABA calls have cost me about 1.3% today, which is not surprising.
    Down about .7%. Overall I like what I see but not so much that I’d be unhedged.

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  3. edge

    Almost forgot to ask. Didja sell SBEA yet?

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