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I sold out of my positions this morning and waited in the tall grass for a brief period and then dove right back in with verve and pure thoughts of profit — eschewing fear aside and propelling my person forward with ideas of both glamour and decadence.

Several hours later, I have sold out from all of those enterprising ideas — taking with it mostly all of my profits for the day!

I now stand before you naked, up merely 18bps, with an aura of stupidity encircling my person like a halo around an angel.

Into the close, I endeavor to increase the girth of my gains via more enterprising ideas.

Stay tuned.

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  1. edge

    If it was easy it wouldn’t be worth doing.
    Bought a POS for AH. HYZN.

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  2. roguewave


    Don’t tax you
    Don’t tax me
    Tax that fellow
    Behind the tree

    – Former US Senator Russell B. Long

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  3. edge

    What a close!

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