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Nothing Can Stop the Market

Every single panic point in history has turned out to be a limped dick nothing-burger. From now on, and remember this for as long as you live, whenever stocks go down — buy them. I don’t give a shit if a nuclear cloud is forming over the NYSE — you get out there and buy stocks.

Sure, you might endure a little downside — but you have a job right? You makes the money yes? Take your money and plow it into stocks, maintain an annual rate of return of +90%, and in 25 years you’ll be a fucking multi billionaire, if not more.

These are some of my ideas about life and investing. I do believe in not believing in anything anymore, so I am free at last to do the opposite of what I normally might’ve done.

Bears have been unceremoniously RAPED in recent years, pretending they’re smart at cocked tailed parties, telling people that the end was coming — because narcism demanded it. It’s very nice to believe we’re special, living in special times, doing special things. Perhaps we are — but maybe not. Maybe this is the way its always been — stupid shit-heads running around making a mess for the rest of us. Stocks plunging and the soaring, repeating over and over in a nauseating whir, only benefiting the true believers — the people who said “I don’t care” and kept steaming ahead.

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