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Don’t Try to Make Sense of All This

How can oil be in the 50s again while BLNK and TSLA are at record highs? How can Biden promise to destroy oil and yet oil prices do nothing but go up? How can govt print money and inflation be non existent? How can inflation be non existent yet I see prices rising? How could the dollar go down yet gold also goes down?

Ever find yourselves trying to figure stuff out with logic only to be confounded and as a result malinvested?

Price discovery is the only arbiter when trading. Nothing else matters. You might think you know stuff based upon what people say or things that you read. But therein lies the problem. You might have false information or even worse unreliable narrators who either lie or exaggerate their claims, such as Biden saying he’ll destroy oil.

No he won’t.

The only thing that matters, not to be insufferably preachy, is what the stock is doing now. Everything else is simply bullshit.

Looks like another solid day, big outsized moved in alt energy led by PLUG and BLDP. I cannot believe how high these stocks are now. I’m trading small, 40% cash at most times, turning over 50+ trades per day now. In the past I rarely day traded, now it’s all I do.

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  1. tradercaddy

    I used to day trade on occasion back in the day.
    I had a real business (law practice).
    Quite frankly, I hated being tied down to my Quotron (look it up- worked off radio signals, no internet at the time) and my IBM PC with the monochrome screen.
    One time I had a Federal Court hearing in Jacksonville and I am sitting there hiding my Quotron behind my briefcase and talking to the Judge at the same time.
    Trading was done by touch phone. I knew every payphone along the Interstates.
    I decided that it wasn’t for me and made more $$ dollar cost averaging/swing trading and with less aggravation.

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  2. alty

    Successful investing doesn’t require “figuring stuff out” in your context, but most realize this either never or after it’s too late for compounding to do anything.

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  3. the_wolf

    its like my sons bubble machine running full tilt, bubbles everywhere,….
    its a “stocked market in wonderland”
    don’t get caught by the bandersnatch, or the queen of hearts

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