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See pal, last week I ran into a little snag during trading and ended up spinning my own wheels. On Friday I reversed said losses and embraced the BLACK POWER movement in America — fleecing shorts in a foray of BLM stocks. Today I was awakened to GRATUITOUS WINS.

I haven’t looked at a chart pal since 1976.

I buy what’s winning and only sell it when I am bored or tired of looking at it.

Let me show you some charts now.

DPHC +8.7%
XPEV +6.1%
SPAQ +5.9%
KCAC +5.6%
SABR +4.2%

Those are just some of the profits I took today, on this glorious autumn morning.

I am presently hedged and 60% cash, always on the prowl for new ideas. I look at 10,000 deals at day and choose 50.

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    i’m talkin about liquid. rich enough to get your own jet. rich enough not to waste time

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