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Hard not to be bullish after a +400 day. The news last night was Trump doesn’t pay taxes. The news today is Biden does not want to consent to a drug test, as per Trump’s request. I guess he knows Super Joe is on speed. What a fucking shit-show. I’d like to see the markets crash; but I never get what I want.

All day long, I was in and out of SHITCARS — trading a little of this and a little of that — all for +0.4% on trading and +1.1% for Quant. I got fucked in a BLM trade gone awry, -15% in BYFC in 30 seconds flat. That’s the life of a degenerate trader.

Today was a holy jewish holiday, so what you bore witness to today was GOYIM TRADING. If we trade down tomorrow, you know who did it.

I am fucking pissed off seeing FLUX +45% in the AHs. I was going to buy before the bell — but the volume was too thin.

I closed the session 50% cash, 15% hedged short.

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  1. tradercaddy

    Don’t worry.
    If we trade down tomorrow commentator and local Rabbi richardweiner will let us know.
    Right now he is too busy fasting to post.

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  2. one-eighty

    Is there any money left in the health sector? Any good vaccine buzz, Fly?
    Apeiron Biologics is testing a treatment now that has some promise.

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