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Back in the Saddle

Took a long ass trip from North Bronx to Princeton and then back home to NC. Every facet of my transport was viciously annoying, from humming Uber drivers, to fucked faced train operators giving me really bad advice, to local NYC subway rides bedraggled with homeless performers menacing the car for coin. It was without question a harrowing adventure, one with extremely somber real life overtones. The situation is ongoing and I will have to repeat this in about 10 days, during my next trip up north.

In the meantime, I have been trading. Actually, I’ve made two of my best trades of the year and will reveal them tomorrow. Sorry I do not give free picks here anymore. You have to admit, anything free is cheapened and comes across as tawdry. My advice is premium quality. Ergo, it shall remain under the auspices of a strict paywall.

If you want to eat fish, you need to pay to get on the fishing yacht. Performing clowns aren’t allowed to panhandle in my house.

One last thing — please stop trying to predict the top. It’s tiring.

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  1. mrcharlie

    Fucked face train operators are the worst. Aboslutely miserable people. I think in my 20 years of commuting I’ve met 3 that are decent, normal humans.

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