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Futures Blast Off Again In Spite of Trump Impeachment Trial Newz

What a fucking grande waste of time. Then again, I suppose the dems want it on record that Trump was voted to be impeached by the house, for the sake of posterity and all. But it’s all semantics and Trump is still tweeting and participating in trade wars and other wars that involve assassinations and so on. It’s meaningless to worry about politics. I haven’t concluded the type of person that gets wound up by it, in terms of IQ yet. I’ve begun to see almost everything in terms of IQ now. Once you know it and see it, you cannot unsee it.

“Oh look at that guy doing dumb shit.”

“Bad upbringing, got dropped on head?”

“Nope, just an IQ of 85.”

The dangerous ones are blessed with high IQs and have bad intentions. You’ll find many of those people in Congress. But what about the regular Joes who enjoy politics? I’m not talking about the everyday Fox News/MSNBC skells. I am talking about successful people in business talking about politics all day long, as if they had any say in the matter. Are they idiot savants — morons who do just a few things well enough to get rich? Or, is it naiveté?

One thing is for certain, markets are going up today. I have some things to sell this morning, so I’ll be busy booking profits and possibly taking on some new longs.

I just picked up my dog from the sitter. Jesus Christ she smells horrible. Some people are just slobs.

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  1. juice

    I read a study by a European psychiatrist, who estimated that 75% of the worlds politicians are psychopaths.

    Sounds about right.

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  2. heckler

    Everybody already knew Trump and everyone else he is close to were lying = no news. I mean c’mon everybody already knows this shit deep down. He lies about everything maybe Rudy goes to jail. Carry on

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  3. numbersgame

    The only way Trump gets impeached:
    1) Senate lets big wigs testify
    2) They say that Trump said that he wanted Biden investigated to improve his re-election chances. Everybody knows that is what happnneded anyway, but Republicans have (im)plausible deniability in sayign that Trump was just concerned about foreign corruption. In other news, Trump tried to kill the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act so that US comapnies coudl bribe foreign officials. Becuase he is so concerned about foreign corruption.

    Also, the way Nancy would sign half a letter on the impeachment and then switch pens? Classy, and not partisan at all.

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