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Y’all a bunch of Shitcoiners

I leave for a few months and this place turns into iBankShitcoins.

Catching up on a few posts I see the slinging of true garbage with due diligence along the lines of “Some of them even have a working website”.

It’s not hard to bank coin on Shitcoins. I get it. Here is a mock portfolio I put together on March 8th.

I’ve watched the market lose it’s damn mind pumping BTC to over $60k and the BTCBSV ratio touched over 300:1

Incredible. I didn’t see that happening. To say I’ve been salty is an understatement.

Has this changed my investment thesis on BSV? No.

But my timing has been awful. I’m ahead of the market and I lost out on some major opportunities. It all means nothing now.

So here we are, MARKETS IN TURMOIL.

Will we have a 2018 style crash or a deep dip and resume moon lambo time?

I don’t know, but I’ll point to a few things to watch.

BTC fees are $50 and rising.

There is a crisis hitting BTC hashpower as a coal factory in China exploded.

I know it sucks to have to think through a problem but …

Enjoy the Shitcoin profits but FFS put aside some funds in something with staying power you degenerates.



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  1. metalleg

    Better too early than too late. BSV will have its day and BTC will drop like a stone at some point when people realize it’s a true Shitcoin.

    Let me correct you in your analysis…

    You have BSV listed twice. Please correct and have the corrected version on my desk by 9am tomorrow morning.

    Now down to business, I’ve been touting ARRR as the #1 privacy coin on Fly’s blog. Started when it was between 20¢ and 40¢ and now it’s sitting above $4 with a lot more upside.

    Take a gander and let me know what you think.

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    • CoinSpeak

      I used to trade Monero but no more. Privacy coins have many issues and will be regulated out of existence.

      It may be a good trade. I have no opinion on it. Set your targets and take your profits.

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  2. ho_chi_min

    bsv is trash, cant believe you still post and are in this garbage, RIP.

    Fly is the crypto king on this site with his ETH allocations

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    • CoinSpeak

      Guys like you are one of the reasons I still post.

      1) When you get triggered I laugh at you.
      2) Some of you may actually see what’s coming and have the IQ to get positioned for it.

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      • ho_chi_min

        no one is triggered, you are just in fact, an idiot.


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